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A man kneels with a folded U.S. flag as the POTUS motorcade passes him in Indianapolis. (Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
Trump tells Reuters he says no wrong in working w Putin to tip an American election - that’s a warning to supporters of where this is headed
Air Force One departs Las Vegas past the broken windows on the Mandalay Bay hotel. (Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters)
JUST IN: President Trump is using campaign & RNC funds to pay Russia probe legal bills - Reuters, citing sources
Nearly 1,200 people have died in Nepal, Bangladesh and India in the worst floods in years (Images: EPA, Reuters)
Trump confessed to Reuters that being President is more challenging than he anticipated. He should do himself & the country a favor & resign
Reuters just announced that Secret Service never spoke to me or my campaign. Made up story by @CNN is a hoax. Totally dishonest.
BREAKING: North Korea has launched a missile, Japanese govt. warns it is headed towards Northern Japan -Reuters/NHK
Reuters: Spain raids Catalan govt offices, arrests minister, seizes ballots, etc. in attempt to crush Oct 1 vote
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