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ICE is rounding up legal permanent residents for misdemeanors committed 20 years ago. Remember that “deportation force” everybody was worried about? It’s here.
Saying a prayer for all the victims & their loved ones, also for the residents & visitors of Las Vegas! This was a horrific act of terror!!
Happy June Solstice to all residents of planet Earth: Longest day of the year for north of the equator. Shortest for south of the equator. And for Equatorians, same old boring 12-hour day, just like every other day of the year.
Flashback: JW visited frustrated ranchers & residents in Sierra Vista (Cochise County town located 75 miles SE of Tucson with a population of 44,000). Illegal immigrants & drug smugglers are devastating this area — many longtime residents now live in fear.
"Save Aleppo. Save humanity."

Residents of East Aleppo are giving their final messages to the world.
Incredible footage shows the lava flow during this morning's fissure eruption on the east side of Hawaii's Big Island. More than 1,800 residents have been evacuated from their homes.
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Roy Moore had been banned from a mall in Gadsden, Alabama, because he badgered teen girls, residents of the town, including lawyers and cops, say:
Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire – in which 72 people lost their lives. We remember those who died and renew our commitment to fight for justice on behalf of Grenfell Tower residents, their families and loved ones.
Police department writes 'popo' on squad cars to relate with young residents
1 in 4 Black Residents are ineligible to vote in Florida: here’s your chance to give 1.6 million people the ability to vote. Sign this petition in person tonight at my show in Tampa or print it out &sign it here. We need to put voting rights on the ballot:
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