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Saying a prayer for all the victims & their loved ones, also for the residents & visitors of Las Vegas! This was a horrific act of terror!!
Michigan has stopped giving out free water bottles to people in Flint — but residents say the water still isn’t safe and they’re fighting back
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Roy Moore had been banned from a mall in Gadsden, Alabama, because he badgered teen girls, residents of the town, including lawyers and cops, say:
"Save Aleppo. Save humanity."

Residents of East Aleppo are giving their final messages to the world.
A rural two-person police department in Michigan has received 950 pieces of surplus military equipment from the federal government since 2006, including Humvees and mine detectors - and hundreds of the pieces appear to have been given away to residents:
"If you lay down with dogs you get fleas" says Labour MP David Lammy over the treatment of "Windrush" generation UK residents
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The bombings that have terrorized Austin residents, killing two and injuring others, are horrific. The Federal government must provide all appropriate assistance to bring the perpetrators to justice before there are more victims.
#MustWatch 👀 A fed-up gun-owner in North Carolina demands answers from his elected officials as to why they refuse to stand up for the majority of their residents. #2A #NRA
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Parkland massacre survivors Emma Gonzalez and Alex Wind saying no candidate who has the support of the NRA will get the votes of Parkland residents. Meanwhile a grassroots movement called #NoNRAMoney ( has launched to take that idea national.
Some Pawnee residents met up in DC for #MarchForOurLives @evilhag @nataliemorales @billyeichner
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