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Researchers want to know if a centuries-old tool could be used in emergency navigation situations for future spacecraft. To test it out, @Space_Station astronauts will verify the accuracy of this handheld sextant, which uses star sighting in microgravity:
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The day an army of bots turned on bot researchers
Researchers Find Decline In Facebook Use Could Be Directly Linked To Desire To Be Happy, Fully Functioning Person
Uranus has been holding in one big secret -- it stinks! Researchers had long wondered about what composed the clouds of the gassy planet. Now, they say it's hydrogen sulfide. Learn why Uranus stinks like rotten eggs🥚:
Researchers found a vast network of ancient Maya cities that was home to millions more people than previously thought.
LOOKING GOOD: Curious emperor penguin knocks over researchers’ camera, poses for selfie with buddy.
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Wow! Here's your good news for the evening "New cancer drug 93% effective w pediatric patients," + 75% success in adults. Called "unprecedented" by researchers.
Breaking news: CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force
If the ACA is repealed, researchers tell us that 43,000 Americans could die. That’s beyond comprehension.
Gun violence researchers have found that after the assault weapons ban expired, there was a 183% INCREASE in gun massacres and a 239% INCREASE in gun massacre deaths. #GunReformNow
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