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Researchers found a vast network of ancient Maya cities that was home to millions more people than previously thought.
Gun violence researchers have found that after the assault weapons ban expired, there was a 183% INCREASE in gun massacres and a 239% INCREASE in gun massacre deaths. #GunReformNow
The day an army of bots turned on bot researchers
Today is the International Day of #WomenInScience !
Marie Skłodowska-Curie has been an inspiration for many women and scientists in Europe. So far, +100,000 researchers have received our #MSCA funding. #WomenInScienceDayDay
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A penguin in the Antarctic gave researchers a surprise when it paid them a flying visit
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If the ACA is repealed, researchers tell us that 43,000 Americans could die. That’s beyond comprehension.
Ancient shark with 300 teeth that may have inspired tales of 'sea serpents' captured by researchers:
Work hard, learn by doing and do something you love. Our 2017 Physics Laureates share their advice for young researchers.
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Breaking news: CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force
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