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Researchers develop a roadmap for growth of new solar cells: Starting with higher-value niche markets and then expanding could help perovskite-based solar panels become competitive with silicon.

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McAfee security researchers stuck a 2" strip of black tape on 35mph speed limit sign so that it kinda-sorta looked like an 85mph sign, then ran autopiloting Teslas past it: they automagically accelerated by 50mph after detecting it. 1/

The idea of seeking “proof” of consent concerns sexual violence researchers and prevention advocates.

A clever strategy to minimize the damage from cyberattacks: Block information so the attackers can’t build a reputation, say University of Texas researchers

@LifeAtPurdue  researchers have created a hybrid technique to fabricate a new form of nickel, a widely used metal in the manufacturing industry

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Local researchers say at least 14 million pounds of polluted stormwater end up in Puget Sound every year.

Researchers found many people gained between 7-10 pounds in the first six years after kicking their smoking habit. #yourhealthyfamily 

Researchers were able to trick a Tesla vehicle into speeding by putting a strip of electrical tape over a speed limit sign.


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Four mysteries of the Universe that continue to elude top researchers: 1) What is the origin of Life? 2) What is the nature of Dark Matter? 3) What preceded the Big Bang? 4) What does the Refrigerator Light do after you close the door?

@nkulish  In 2015, Center for American Progress researchers wrote a report on U.S. Islamophobia, w/a 4300-word chapter on the Bloomberg-era NYPD. When the report was published, the chapter was gone. By then, Bloomberg had given CAP ~ $1.5mm. That number has grown.

A fearsome lizard with a name meaning “reaper of death” is the first new tyrannosaur species to be identified in Canada in 50 years, say researchers with the University of Calgary and the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Rats are capable of driving tiny cars, researchers found. It eases their anxiety.

#UPDATE  A 210,000-year-old skull has been identified as the earliest modern human remains found outside Africa, putting the clock back on mankind's arrival in Europe by more than 150,000 years, researchers said

Today in 1922, researchers at the University of Toronto announced the discovery of insulin. They sold the patent for $1 so it would be available to all. 97 years later, Eli Lilly is charging ~$300 and Americans die because they can’t afford their medication. Outrageous.

A major new study confirms the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella has no link to autism. Researchers from Denmark followed the medical histories of 650,000+ children over 10 years and found the vaccine does not trigger or increase the risk of autism.

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For over a decade, researchers searched in vain for another Hawaiian tree snail for George to mate with, to no avail. He died at the age of 14.

Breaking news: CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

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The day an army of bots turned on bot researchers

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