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Hey Republicans, don't worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act
This is terrorism plain and simple. Terror bares no race, gender or religion. Democrats & Republicans please unite now #guncontrol 🇺🇸
Republicans are going for the big Budget approval today, first step toward massive tax cuts. I think we have the votes, but who knows?
The Democrats will only vote for Tax Increases. Hopefully, all Senate Republicans will vote for the largest Tax Cuts in U.S. history.
Donald Trump and Republicans just celebrated voting to let thousands of Americans die so that billionaires get tax breaks. Think about that.
The Democrats want MASSIVE tax increases & soft, crime producing borders.The Republicans want the biggest tax cut in history & the WALL!
More and more people are suggesting that Republicans (and me) should be given Equal Time on T.V. when you look at the one-sided coverage?
That Republicans are bribing Murkowski by letting Alaska KEEP OBAMACARE pretty much destroys the idea that this is better than Obamacare
BREAKING: Senate Republicans just released the schedule of hearings, committee markups and public testimony for their health care bill.
RT if you want Republicans to stop their latest effort to repeal the ACA and take coverage from millions
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