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“It means we’re bleeding in suburban areas, again,” said Sarah Chamberlain, president of the Republican Main Street Partnership. “We have to be aware that suburban women are no longer voting for the Republican Party.”

Suburban women "want their guns, but they also want some kind of background checks," said Sarah Chamberlain, The Republican Main Street Partnership's president and CEO.

BTW, for the “all PACs do it” crowd, Club for Growth Action PAC had 88% actually going into independent expenditures and direct contributions. Republican Main Street Partnership had 78 percent, and American Crossroads was at 72 percent.

Sarah Chamberlain, of Republican Main Street Partnership, says she interviewed suburban moms for hours who were “really tired of the tweets” particularly the tweet where Trump called Stormy Daniels “horse face,” even brushing off their affair as an issue. #WomenRule  #rulewithus