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Reposting this statement from FSU athletics director David Coburn to fix a couple of my typos. Sorry about that.

Reposting w working link: Luxe new Galleria Indian restaurant Mustaafer closes temporarily, just weeks after opening, after staffer tests positive for Covid. From @gregmorago 

5) STOP using "nude" to describe 40 shades of BEIGE. THIS IS SO BAD AND SO PREVALENT. 6) Embrace diversity and make sure this reflected everywhere - not just your marketing promo shots but in the people you're reposting on your brand feed & sending samples to.

Kk deleting and reposting - I just have to put something before the v tag, correct ?

We are aware of a number of hateful and racist social media posts circulating in Ottawa. We strongly encourage the public to report any hate-motivated social media content to police rather than reposting this content and engaging them.

Reposting, from February 2017: "Opinion | We can’t let Trump go down Putin’s path"

“One Twitter account is reposting everything Trump tweets. It was suspended within 3 days.”

Black Lives Matter. We are gathering antiracism resources we'd like to share, and in the meantime, we will be reposting and amplifying Black voices.

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Twitter account reposting everything Trump tweets, suspended within 3 da ()

Are you re-tweeting, re-posting, re-sharing, engaging with black creators and activists? Who's on your feed? Why? The answers might be uncomfortable but go there. Do the work on yourself without putting the burden on the black community.


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“Fill ‘em with the venom and eliminate ‘em” @triller  #GodzillaChallenge  is on. Who can spit it? Reposting + got prizes for my favorites.

Just for the record, all you big companies and influencers (non-black) who are posting and reposting in this time... it don’t mean shit. It’s the cool thing to do rn and you’re just covering your own ass...

?? happy birthday to ya, happy birthday @StevieWonder !!! (sung like you!) In honor of your special day, I'm reposting my lil' tribute to you. Love you!!! ❤️❤️

Thank you to of and many others who identified the proud Native man who is being harassed. He is Mr. Nathan Phillips. I’m reposting this video from “ka_ya11” on IG. This man’s words pierce my heart. The grace. The wisdom. The hope.

Since the coward “journalists” at WaPo deleted the tweet, re-posting the screenshot here: Far too many in corporate media “form a cabal of group-think ‘resistance’ advocates masquerading as reporters.” My article on #MediaMalfeasance 

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If you have a vine/insta edit or any artwork post it and use the hashtag #nashgrieredit  so I can see them! I'm gonna be reposting all day✌

Mike Huckabee's disgusting tweet is getting some attention this morning. So I'm reposting this on how this sort of dehumanization works. It's a Trump speciality, obviously, but Huckabee perfected it in a single tweet:

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show off ur best moves with the #havanachallenge  on @musicallyapp . i’ll be reposting my favs ??

Today is #TrayvonMartin 's bday. He would've been 22. In his honor I'm reposting my 1st col abt him. #RIP  #hoodiesup 

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Reposting this. Hope she safely gets back to her family.

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