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In a letter to the judge this week, Weinstein’s attorneys said that reporting “destroyed“ his life. In fact, it fairly parsed a mountain of evidence suggesting Weinstein’s actions accomplished that. I hope it encourages more people to speak and more outlets to back tough stories.

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The irony of a reporter being suspended for telling the truth for a change should not be lost on anyone! Suspended ABC Reporter Will ‘No Longer’ Cover Politics After Admitting ‘Bosses See No Upside’ In Reporting Fairly

There are *some* things you can say. WA has done more tests per capita than anyone and still has a fairly high positive rate (7%). And NYC is quite scary, though NY is not reliably reporting negatives. Still, reported differences in + cases may mostly reflect testing capacity.

Why has coronavirus testing in the US been so limited? • The CDC's test kits were reporting inconclusive results. • The criteria for being tested was fairly limited at first, causing a delay in diagnosis for many. Now, there's a shortage on test kits:

"Americans give the news media fairly high marks for their coverage of COVID-19, though most think their reporting has at least somewhat exaggerated the risks." When it comes to covering the virus, 70% say the news media are doing very or somewhat well.

Suspended ABC Reporter Will ‘No Longer’ Report On Politics After Claiming ‘Bosses See No Upside’ In Reporting Fairly.

Suspended ABC Reporter Will ‘No Longer’ Report On Politics After Claiming ‘Bosses See No Upside’ In Reporting Fairly

All disasters are, almost by definition, the result of a bunch of things going wrong at once. Seems like last night was a combination of the app, as well as a caucus with lots of candidates, many of whom weren't at viability, AND ALSO new, fairly complicated rules for reporting.

Important reporting that shows while China has indeed moved quickly and fairly transparently once #CoronavirusOutbreak  became undeniable, the fight to halt the spread was already lost because of the communist party's default for secrecy

We have Microsoft and Facebook reporting results after the close. They were fairly close in market value a couple years ago until $MSFT lifted off and $FB stalled....

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There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame...

For first time the failing @nytimes  will take an ad (a bad one) to help save its failing reputation. Try reporting accurately & fairly!

If accurate, the numbers in here are fairly extraordinary: apparently an hour of streaming Netflix every week uses twice as much energy as a refrigerator. Thanks to @krevinlorenzo  for this reporting

“This is a fairly high level of evidence for this kind of a case …This exceeds the evidentiary basis we’ve used in the past in several cases that were found to be very credible,” says of his reporting on the new allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Seems clear that the Barr press conference this morning pretty bigly backfired. The Barr letter worked fairly successfully as a bluff, but the media began to realize it had been bluffed based on subsequent reporting. So now you make another big, brazen, obvious bluff? Just dumb.

% who say their news media are doing very/somewhat well at reporting political issues fairly Canada 73% Germany 72% India 65% Mexico 58% Turkey 57% Japan 55% Russia 55% UK 52% Australia 48% France 47% US 47% Brazil 45% S Korea 27% Pew