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Do NOT use this photo of Donald Trump.
He does NOT like it.
He told reporters he HATES it.

Weinstein’s campaign to silence allegations included hiring undercover ex-Mossad agents to track women & reporters:
Pop for America. He came out postgame, said this to reporters, and walked away.
FLAG: Was Pence leaving Colts game a political stunt? Reporters were told to stay in van bc "there may be an early departure from the game."
Audible gasp from reporters as Trump tells biz leaders in Beijing on trade imbalance: "I don't blame China. Who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for benefit if their citizens? I give China great credit."
Countries with most press freedom, 2017

1 Norway
2 Sweden
3 Finland
4 Denmark
5 Netherlands
6 Costa Rica
7 Switzerland
8 Jamaica
9 Belgium
10 Iceland

US at #43

(Reporters Without Borders)
The Chinese government never wants to take questions from US reporters. In the past American presidents have insisted upon it as a demonstration of standing up for the freedoms our nation believes in. 1/
If Fusion GPS (paid by Clinton camp), which peddled its Trump "dossier" to reporters and FBI with at least some false info, also paid $ to journalists, it could be similar to what I discuss in "The Smear" re: "journalists" who are publishing propaganda.
BREAKING: Trump bans EPA employees from providing updates on social media or to reporters, bars awarding new contracts or grants.
"Have a good time everybody!" Trump says to reporters touring Houston shelter housing people who have lost houses, cars, livelihoods, etc.
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