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Trey Gowdy, who chaired the ridiculous Benghazi hearings, hasn’t said a thing about Trump green lighting the Turks to basically free hundreds of Isis fighters by shelling the camps. I welcome his defense of Trump on impeachment. But a reporter might want to ask him about this.

State spox objected when a NYT reporter dared ask at a briefing on the ksa deployment friday how it fit with cut and run in syria.

@Raqqa_SL  . reporter: th #USe  forces have moved all the families members o #ISISf  fighters who hold the American#US “ “ citizenship fro #AinIssam  camp to AlJalbia military which is one of th #Americane  military bases i #Syrian  .

Look who we found: NBC 5 reporter@LisaChavarria ! Watch your friends and family finish LIVE:

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According to our reporter in north #Raqqa  : “The #American  forces transferred #ISIS  members and families who have the American nationality from #AinIssa  camp to Aljalabia military base”. #SDF  #Syria  #IS  #YPG 

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo grilled by local reporter in testy interview

Hey @culpeperschools  one of your students could be the next @WTOP  Reporter'>Junior Reporter! Winners get $1,000 for themselves and $1,000 for their school! Nominations are open through Oct. 20th! Sponsored by | @tutorhuntington  #WTOPJuniorReporter 

Our reporter: 3 Foreign journalists & 5 civilians lost their lives, many others injured in The Turkish air strikes on a civilian convoy in Ras al-Ain via @ManbijFm 

In “Know My Name,” Chanel Miller observes her own ordeal by adopting the stance of a reporter, a media critic, and an activism-minded theorist.

@AshleyRParker : "To have them come out and give that degree of criticism means there is deep, deep alarm under the surface." WATCH: Washington Post White HousereporterAshley Parker says it is "stunning" to see Republicans break from the president over #MTP '>Syri #MTP #IfItsSunday 


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Due to popular demand, a quick update from our reporter just north of the Blackwall Tunnel.....

Every reporter must now ask if he still believes in the standard he set for removing a president in the impeachment of Bill Clinton

Wow -- NYT publisher says the Trump administration was prepared to sit back and allow one of its journalists to be arrested in Egypt. So the paper turned to the reporter's native Ireland for help, and it was those diplomats who got him out -- not the US.

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It's appalling that an Americanreporter was harassed by a federal employee while reentering our country, and it’s happened before. This must be investigated and corrective action taken. Reporters aren’t the enemy of the people, they’re a foundation of our democracy.

This ... is incredible. American televangelist Kenneth Copeland never foresaw that buying a private jet with money raised by his church would prompt difficult questions. Reporter does an AMAZING job. The man actually looks unhinged.

BTSxHalsey is officially happening and we're obsessed! Last year told our reporter how much she wanted to work with , and how much they inspire her 💜 #BoyWithLove 

Could ONE reporter ONE time say to Trump when he complains the press is negative and hostile (as he's doing right now), "Sir, its because you LIE and we have to report that. Don't lie and we won't be so "negative". ONCE please?

Jeffrey Dahmer: I made an altar from the bones and genitalia that I didn't eat from my victims. NY Timesreporter: Meet the Midwestern sex-postive locavore who adds a Goth twist to his arts and crafts!

Trump confirms that White House has suspended the hard pass of a reporter because it doesn't like the way he does his job. This is something I've never seen since I started covering the White House in 1996. Other presidents did not fear tough questioning.

I just saw a TV reporter pronouncing it as ‘aloo akbar’ which literally translates to ‘potatoes are the greatest’