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"May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace." ABC News report from February 26, 1979 about the world of August 21, 2017
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Modern slavery affects 40m people: 71% are women and girls. New report launched at #UNGA today:
We are heartbroken to report that Stuart Scott has died after a long fight with cancer. He was 49.
JUST IN: Mueller requests Air Force One phone records in Trump-Russia probe: report
Vindicated- @mschlapp: New Manafort wiretapping report proves @POTUS was right, Comey & Clapper are liars. #Dobbs#MAGA#TrumpTrain
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The Fake News refuses to report the success of the first 6 months: S.C., surging economy & jobs,border & military security,ISIS & MS-13 etc.
Just got a message from FB: "We've reviewed your report, and found that the conversation did not go against our Community Standards."
Sr Trump,the intelligence report is devastating.Losing election by more than 3M votes and in addition this.Are you a legitimate president?
you guys, it's been a decade since RIOT came out & im thrilled to report that business is just slightly less miserable now.
Dow hit a new intraday all-time high! I wonder whether or not the Fake News Media will so report?
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