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When your favorite person isn't replying

But she’s replying to a Brexiter saying “never surrender”.....

Showing up to an event after replying "maybe" three weeks ago.

@M_H_M_Music  I play all genres and love it all and clearly its working because I’m sat here in America after sold out shows and you’re at home wanking over midget porn , not replying ur boring me, seriously we are all going to die one day, HOW IS THIS IMPORTANT TO YOU. Bye x

Some folks are replying saying because it’s a hopeless effort against Beijing. From the point of view of military and political strategy, I disagree. It’s all about how long and how well they could hold out, and to what effect. How costly and uncertain they could make it.

Today is a very special #CATurday !" It's National#BlackCatAppreciationDay ! If you have a #blackcat , please send us a picture by replying or via Chime In! 🐈🐈🐈

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Today is a very special #CATurday !" It's National#BlackCatAppreciationDay ! If you have a #blackcat , please send us a picture by replying 🐈🐈🐈 (This photo is of 3-month-old Salem and was sent to us by Zachary Mink. Thank you, Zachary!)

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Some disrespectful comments replying to this tweet unfortunately. We would encourage those who are yet to see @TheFinalQtr  to do so.

It’s #FreebieFriday ! You can win two (2) tickets to see @IronMaiden  on Monday 8/19 by: Following @BrdgstoneArena  on Twitter Liking this post Replying with the name/@ of the friend you’d bring to the show. One (1) winner will be randomly selected and DMed 8/17 at 12PM

People are outraged, but why? How to be a Beautiful Woman by *AJA_Cortes *Petra_Saxby Replying to AJA_Cortes Just fixed this one for you too! How to be a Beautiful Man OMG!!! This is good shit. Click the pic & read

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Most relevant

PTs: Looks like from tweets from Pakis that they are in deep neurosis and suffering trauma induced melancholy. All that just due to three smacks in two years by Namo!! Thus replying to them is a waste of time. Just delete.

To all the idiots with opinions replying to this article about science post Brexit - the article quotes two U.K.-based Nobel Prize winners and two Presidents of the Royal Society. How about you shut up and listen, just for once, to people who know more than you about something.

Replying to 'Motion Of Thanks On the President's Address' in Lok Sabha

@JamesArthur23 by replying to people who haven’t even tweeted you directly is just added fuel to the fire. Just let it be lad

love following, dm, and replying with u all. sometimes i just like to read your tweets when u dont know im on. yeah im creeping. funny stuff

Laughed non-stop for 5 mins on reading this. Asked my wife if I could have fooled her like this. She didn’t waste even a few seconds in replying: She said “Really? Would you have lasted 5 mins without speaking into your cellphone?” Aah, the perils of having a smart wife!

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as long as you r with me i will always be here. still noticing, still replying, still dming, still caring. #STILLKIDRAUHL  -- just taller :)

Ain’t no party like a #BTSxYouTubeRed  party because this party is WORLDWIDE! RSVP by replying with your best BTS gif + #BurnTheStageFinale . Be there at 11AM EST on May 9th or be ⬛️

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the new replying thing is super weird I don't like it

Texting & driving simply isn't worth it! Pledge with us by replying or RT w/ "I pledge." #ItCanWait