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So I asked around to see who was available and we got some great replies , so happy with this .
Geeky Humor: Photon checks into a hotel. Bellhop asks, "You have any luggage?" The Photon replies, "No, I'm traveling light!"
We're changing replies so that you have all 140 characters to express yourself.

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reading some of these replies. u guys are crazy. haha. #Ilovemybeliebers #keepsmiling
Lookin at the replies to bed tweet! U guys are nuts ahaha! not one non- sexual tweet! ##crazymofos
the replies to trump tweets make it all worth it
friend: *replies to my text in a slightly different tone and with no emojis*

me: "you're tired of me aren't you"
get u someone who replies to all parts of a paragraph you sent them
My text back game weak.. I don't text anyone back until the one I want to text me back replies then I reply to everyone else after 😂
Sometimes, I just read my @replies and cry. My fans are SO good to me... It's magical.. I love you all. ❤
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