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Just in: House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy will add Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, a top supporter of President Trump’s, to the House Intelligence committee ahead of next week's public impeachment hearings, saying he'd "ensure more accountability and transparency in this sham process.”

NEW: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced he will appoint Rep. Jim Jordan, a top public supporter of President Trump, to serve on the House Intelligence Committee ahead of public impeachment hearings next week.

Leader Kevin McCarthy announces Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) is temporarily stepping aside from House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to make room for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)->

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy says Michael Bloomberg 'a little jealous' of Trump

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NEW: Rep Kevin McCarthy announces that Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-01) is temporarily stepping aside from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The committee vacancy will be filled by Congressman Jim Jordan (OH-04).

Breaking: – From House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy re #impeachment : Rep Rick Crawford to temporarily step down from House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to be replaced by Trump defender Rep. Jim Jordan. Jordan will be in place for Wednesday, Friday public hearings.

@GOPLeader  Kevin McCarthy tells @margbrennan  he has “never received” an offer from the whistleblower to answer questions directly from Republicans, which was submitted to Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on Intel Committee.

TODAY: We interview House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy@GOPLeader  📺 On TV, radio, and streaming online at , don't miss this morning @FaceTheNation 

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy said the whistle-blower should testify in an open hearing.

“The President will be seated with House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Mark Meadows, Rep. Peter King, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump,” adds @WhiteHouse  statement.


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Rep. Kevin McCarthy: "The President wasn't investigating a campaign rival. The president was trying to get to the bottom, just as every American would want to know, why did we go through 2 years, why did we have this Russia hoax?.... There's nothing that the President did wrong."

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told me on that Intel Chair Adam Schiff "has now met Schiff's own standard" of why Rep. Devin Nunes had to recuse himself and now Schiff "needs to recuse himself from any new investigation"

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s brother-in-law has won more than $7 million in military contracts in McCarthy’s district by claiming that he’s one-eighth Cherokee. Spoiler alert: He... is not Cherokee.

“He should apologize to the children that have been separated from their parents,” said Rep. @Ocasio2018  of GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, who demanded she apologize for calling ICE detention centers “concentration camps.” by @NicholasBallasy 

People who attended the immigration meeting where Trump made his "shithole" comment: -President Donald Trump -Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) -Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) -Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) -Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) -Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) -Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA)

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Deletes Tweet Attacking 3 Wealthy Jews In The Democratic Party - HuffPost

Get the vote out in California today for Rep. Kevin McCarthy and all of the great GOP candidates for Congress. Keep our country out of the hands of High Tax, High Crime Nancy Pelosi.

BREAKING: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says GOP Steering Committee votes unanimously to remove IA GOP Rep Steve King from all committees.

Rep. Steve King has been stripped of committee assignments following recent racist comments he made, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said

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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy says of Rep. Steve King: “Everything about white supremacy and white nationalism goes against who we are as a nation. Steve’s language is reckless, wrong, and has no place in our society...”