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Rep. Jeff Van Drew's party switch has reverberated beyond his own race, writes @kirk_bado , as his would-be challenger David Richter now runs against a woman in the 3rd District GOP primary. ?

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With impressive numbers, they still were no match for Rep. Josh Gottheimer. And Jeff Van Drew reaped rewards from aligning with Trump.

POWER & POLITICS: We look at President@realDonaldTrump 's rally in Wildwood in support of Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who recently switched parties from Democrat to Republican.

More than a dozen members of Congress and political action committees donated to (now Republican) Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s 2020 reelection campaign before he left the Democratic party. Requests to get that $$ back have been ignored.

U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a lifelong Democrat who recently switched to the GOP spoke at President Donald Trump's Wildwood rally.

Amid a Senate impeachment trial, Trump shared a stage in Wildwood with Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who ditched Dems for the GOP.

Some GOP voters are skeptical of freshly minted New Jersey Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who is up for reelection this year

Rep. Jeff Van Drew Left The Democratic Party. Now Top Democrats Want Their Money Back.

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Some voters are skeptical of freshly minted New Jersey GOP Rep. Jeff Van Drew: "It’s not like he’s a committed Republican.”

Some voters are skeptical that freshly minted New Jersey GOP Rep. Jeff Van Drew is "a committed Republican."


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Pres. Trump lauds Rep. Jeff Van Drew during Oval Office meeting Thursday after freshman lawmaker's switch to the Republican Party; Van Drew voted against both articles of impeachment Wednesday as a Democrat

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New GOP Rep. Jeff Van Drew Will Sign Petition Demanding Pelosi Allow Vote on Bill to Stop Infanticide Thank you @CongressmanJVD  for standing up for babies who are killed in infanticides! #prolife  #Christian 

BREAKING: Five members of the staff of Rep. Jeff Van Drew quit after reports that Van Drew will announce he is switching to the Republican Party - CNN

NJ Dem Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who voted against the impeachment inquiry, reportedly plans to vote against impeachment & switch parties to the GOP, which prompted 5 of his staffers to quit. He’s not even a Republican yet, and he’s already saving the taxpayers money!

President Trump Officially Announces that Dem. Rep. Jeff Van Drew Will Be Joining the Republican Party

....we are going to have an Election very shortly.” Rep. Jeff Van Drew, Democrat of New Jersey. @foxandfriends  Thank you. Just another Witch Hunt by Nancy Pelosi and the Do Nothing Democrats!

New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a freshman Democrat who strongly opposes impeachment, is expected to switch to the Republican Party and is telling colleagues his intentions, according to a senior Democratic aide

Five senior aides to Rep. Jeff Van Drew resigned on Sunday as the lawmaker formally prepared to switch parties, stating they were “deeply saddened and disappointed by his decision.”

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Democrat, expected to switch parties after Trump meeting

These are the two Democrats who voted "no" on the impeachment inquiry resolution • Rep. Jeff Van Drew • Rep. Collin Peterson

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