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Rep. Chris Stewart acknowledges he doesn't have any questions for Hill or Holmes, stating a reality that the past few GOP questioners haven't really asked any questions.

The bill that Utah GOP Rep. Chris Stewart plans to unveil would shield LGBTQ individuals from discrimination in employment, housing, education, and other public services — while carving out exemptions for religious organizations.

Just recorded interesting podcast with GOP Rep Chris Stewart, Intel Committee member. One point: GOP complained about lack of access to depositions, but most Dems had no access, either. Voted for inquiry on Schiff's word, news coverage. Now: nervousness? Podcast later today.

Today in Political Cornflakes: Rep. Chris Stewart says it’s “good news” that the House will impeach Trump; and the Mueller report comes back into the spotlight

Rep. Chris Stewart vs Bob Einstein. Can you tell the difference?

Well, Rep. Chris Stewart starts off by admitting he doesn't intend to ask any questions.

“The American people aren't stupid,” Rep. Chris Stewart said. “And the American people can hear that and they can say, 'I don't think [Zelensky] was under duress. I don't think he was being extorted. I don't think there was an exchange of a bribe.'”

Today in Political Cornflakes: A quiz to help you find which Democratic presidential hopeful you agree with the most; and a look at Rep. Chris Stewart's response to the impeachment inquiry hearings.

@KFaulders  heard it’s lunch time. Rep. Chris Stewart just returned with a toothpick hanging from his lips.

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Today in Political Cornflakes: White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham claims — without proof — that the Obama team left ‘You will fail’ notes; and Rep. Chris Stewart criticizes Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman


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NEW: Rep. Sean Maloney calls on his colleague on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Chris Stewart, to solicit the State Department to produce additional evidence in impeachment inquiry. Rep. Stewart: "You bet."

GOP Rep. Chris Stewart disagrees on mounting evidence suggesting a trade of military aid for investigations with Ukraine: "I don't think the evidence is building at all–and I'm being sincere on this–I think the evidence is crumbling."

GOP Rep. Chris Stewart: "There's dozens and dozens of nations around the world that are steeped in corruption, would you agree with that?" William Taylor: "There is corruption in every country, including ours." #ImpeachmentHearings 

Game. Set. Match. Rep. Chris Stewart: “Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that POTUS has been involved with at all?" Yovanovitch: "No"

GOP Rep. Chris Stewart responds on Fox: “It does not matter. This person is going to come forward and say, yep the president had this phone call. And yep, we have this transcript. Why should I care at all?”

Rep. Chris Stewart: "If we declare a national emergency to build a few hundred miles of fence, my fear is what is the next Democrat president going to do when he or she thinks that climate change is a national emergency... It opens a Pandora's Box."

Rep. Chris Stewart: “I asked for unanimous consent for the House to consider the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. For the 19th time, House Democrats rejected our call to save children born alive.”

GOP Rep. Chris Stewart defends Trump on Khashoggi: "Journalists disappear" all the time

"The CIA just got it wrong," says Rep. Chris Stewart about the intelligence community's assessment that Russian President Putin was trying to help the Trump campaign over Hillary Clinton. "They just misinterpreted some very key intelligence and drew the wrong conclusions."