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Russia removes U.S. diplomats from train near secret test site accident: Ifax

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"The PKK is more of a terrorist threat than ISIS." @POTUS  directly echoes propaganda talking points from his autocratic handlers. If there was any question about whether @realDonaldTrump  is a bought asset, his comments today and this entire Syria episode removes all doubt.

Russia removes U.S. diplomats from train near secret test site accident - Ifax

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This Link's Awakening mod removes that blur effect around the edges

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RIP Google Clips: Google quietly removes camera from its store

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Russia removes US diplomats from train near secret test site accident: report

Air Canadaremoves 737 Max planes from its schedule until Feb. 14 via MarketWatch #news  #mktw  #wsj 

Sometimes our best assets can't be seen until failure removes the distractions.


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When an editor deliberately removes information that is counter to a narrative - if not outright exculpatory, then a story ceases to be journalism, and becomes nothing more than an intentional hit piece.

God removes some people out of your life to protect you; let them go; do no go after them; do not let them back in!

Nirmal Singh, Jammu and Kashmir Former Deputy CM, removes J&K flag from his vehicle after resolution to revoke Article 370 from J&K & The Jammu & Kashmir Reorganization Bill, 2019 get passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

And so it begins.... the left and their Orwellian/1984 craziness needs to be stopped. Removes Arrest Reports'>California Removes Arrest Reports From Kamala Years

FEMA abruptly removes stats about Puerto Rico's drinking water and electricity, keeps stats showing positive signs

Who do you think removes bullets from spines and repairs (or tries to) livers blasted by an AR-15? The tooth fairy? This literally is medicine’s lane.

. retracts their misleading “bombshell” and removes their tweet approximately 12 hours after they knew it to be false. I know it’s rare for you guys to get more than 200 RTs so I guess you milk it when you can?!?! #fakenews 

Papa John’s Removes N-Word From Menus

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Giuliani removes all doubt – the White House effort to force DOJ to give investigatory materials to Congress is really about the defense team getting their hands on them. If the President is charged with a crime, he has a right to see the evidence. Not before.