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Hey let me talk to you for a minute... you got the wrong girl, you better marry another or you'll be in the shit house. 😟 RT Remix *Dave_Iovino I think she said yes!

C'mon, tell me, please, pretty please. Awww, okay alright turn over the invitation and read the print at the bottom. See you at the party! El placer y el privilegio son míos RT Remix *HAPPYsDANCE Where's the Party?

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Listen to #Tiesto 's remix of #Halsey 's "You Should Be Sad" below!

Tell me more than I love you The mind is where it begins, Meet me there pleasure me spoil me with intellectually sexy Orgasmic words Climax my world Make me Glow and Make me feel Alive ... now you Know. RT Remix *PrincesaJaz21 So you know 😏 💞🖤 *BerryYNWA

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Cat dreams ... a world like this. RT Remix *KlatuBaradaNiko This is so fun to watch😹 Cats will rule the 🌎🌏🌍 ⸎꧂‿❈ 🐾 Cc223 *BerryYNWA

Knows exactly what he wants. RT Remix *KlatuBaradaNiko Free wash and massage 🐕 Dogs are the greatest 👍 *BerryYNWA

The state of this! I told you everybody's on fooking drugs man! *Crazyasscrackcocain #Crack  #CrazyasscrackRT  Remix *BeinSporfs

Maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home so don't worry, don't cry, then we can breathe... RT Remix *ladoodle_pwalla

Can I take a portable heater with us? 😂 RT Remix *mgnnicole24 You can rent an igloo in St Louis 😍 I’m willing to do some things to whoever takes me here.