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The suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade this week are a reminder: No matter how successful, wealthy or seemingly happy you are, we all battle our own demons.

Reach out to one another. Destigmatize depression, addiction and anxiety.

We are all in this together.
Reminder that the people currently justifying tearing children away from their parents spend the last twenty years insisting "every child deserves a mother and a father."
Reminder: @OneDayAtATime is a sitcom about a tight-knit, working class family that tackles extremely topical social issues in a smart and innovative way. Ya know, if you’re suddenly looking for a show like that…
Reminder: the president of the United States thinks protest is perfectly fine for neo-Nazis but a firing offense for black athletes.
He’s back already, but I’m saving this picture as a reminder of the one good minute of 2017
Reminder. I got raped at work at a Payless shoe store. I had on a long tunic & leggings so miss me w/ "dress modestly" shit.
Buy one drink, get one free to share. Nov. 9–13, 2–5pm. ❤️ this tweet to receive a reminder. #ShareEvent
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Happy New Year, everyone! Just a little reminder of what we have to look forward to...
Argentina and Iceland finish with a 1-1 tie. A reminder that Iceland’s coach Heimer Hallgrimsson is a part-time dentist.
Reminder to Netanyahu:

Hamas is not a terrorist organization and Palestinians are not terrorists.

It is a resistance movement that defends the Palestinian homeland against an occupying power.

The world stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine against their oppressors.
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