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He’s back already, but I’m saving this picture as a reminder of the one good minute of 2017
Happy New Year, everyone! Just a little reminder of what we have to look forward to...
Reminder. I got raped at work at a Payless shoe store. I had on a long tunic & leggings so miss me w/ "dress modestly" shit.
Reminder: the president of the United States thinks protest is perfectly fine for neo-Nazis but a firing offense for black athletes.
Buy one drink, get one free to share. Nov. 9–13, 2–5pm. ❤️ this tweet to receive a reminder. #ShareEvent
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Just a reminder: the person sitting in the Oval Office lost the popular vote by 3 million, won the EC by 70k votes, and was aided by a Russian multi-million dollar disinfo campaign AND ALSO their hacking of Dems. Would he be Pres without the Russian help? Seems unlikely to me.
Carrie Fisher dedicated her platform to mental health awareness & female empowerment. She is a reason + reminder to keep up your fight. RIP
hi!!!!!!!!!!! been so busy today i miss you guys. reminder that i loveeee you
Just another reminder that Melania Trump's friend / WH adviser set up an event planning company about two minutes before inauguration and made $26 million! She remains on staff as an "unpaid" adviser, but one could argue she's already been paid.
Just a reminder: Dez caught it.
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