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Reminder. I got raped at work at a Payless shoe store. I had on a long tunic & leggings so miss me w/ "dress modestly" shit.
Reminder: the president of the United States thinks protest is perfectly fine for neo-Nazis but a firing offense for black athletes.
Just a reminder — because too many GOP leaders prefer we move on — 2 wks ago a gunman killed 58 people. & no action taken. #TalkAboutItNow
Reminder: Students don't have to stand for the national anthem. The First Amendment protects the right to protest in public schools, including the gridiron.
9 months
Carrie Fisher dedicated her platform to mental health awareness & female empowerment. She is a reason + reminder to keep up your fight. RIP
Reminder: This Republican Congress still hasn't reauthorized funding for health insurance for 9 million kids. Unbelievable.
A reminder that open enrollment begins on November 1. Despite Trump’s actions and words, enrollment will still go on
Through the darkness of today's conflicts, every one of us can become a bright candle, a reminder that light will overcome darkness.
Just a reminder : @chefjoseandres is a national hero . His efforts in Puerto Rico should inspire us all
The NBC threat is a reminder that if Trump were competent and powerful enough to be an authoritarian, he would be one.
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