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This is new -- Did Gilead just lower the bar on crucial remdesivir trials for Covid-19? Switching endpoints, amping up trial size stirs analysts' fears -- and hopes $GILD

Will new clinical trials for Covid-19 give remdesivir a second chance? Ben Valsler introduces the broad-spectrum antiviral that didn’t quite make it as the Ebola drug it was originally planned to be

The shortage of $GILD Remdesivir might have prevented the patients to take it early enough to head of complications

@rwbaird  analyst @BrianSkorney  tells us why he thinks expectations should be kept in check about @GileadSciences 's Remdesivir being used as a treatment for coronavirus.

Dozens of coronavirus antivirals are in various stages of development; the most encouraging, remdesivir, is being tested in six clinical trials, some of which are expected to yield results this month.

EMA clears compassionate use of Gilead’s remdesivir for COVID-19

Coronavirus patients around the world have been rushing to join remdesivir studies that opened in hospitals in the past few weeks. Interest has been so great that the NIH is expanding its study, which has nearly reached its initial goal of 440 patients.

@BrianSkorney  @biotechhackBrian , you handled that interview really well. Sarah would not have questioned your credentials if you were bullish on remdesivir. That was a bullshit smear.

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics said it became the first healthcare institution in Iowa to enter into a clinical trial for using Remdesivir as a treatment for COVID-19.


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Gilead is doing something unprecedented with remdesivir, manufacturing millions of doses without waiting for approval, because there's not a moment to spare.

Gilead says it’s donating 1.5 million doses of its experimental anti-coronavirus drug remdesivir, which could treat 140,000 patients

In new letter just posted, Gilead CEO says the company has ramped up remdesivir supply to 1.5 million individual doses (depending on optimal duration of treatment, which is being studied, could equate to 140K+ courses) which it’s providing to treat severe #COVID19  at no cost (1)

President Trump said that Remdesivir had "been approved, or very close to approved" by the FDA for treating coronavirus patients. In fact, that drug is undergoing a clinical trial and is months away from being ready for use.

Coronavirus survivor credits Experimental Drug, Remdesivir, with saving her husband’s life

order of possible success 1. Chloroquine (which has produced pretty much instant success) 2. Remdesivir (gilead) lots of good success in China 3. Kevzar--Regeneronb saying good things but hedge funds betting against us?

Optimistic about a new #NIH  #clinicaltrial  studying safety & efficacy of investigational treatment with remdesivir for hospitalized adults diagnosed w/ #coronavirus . This is the 1st clinical trial in the US to evaluate a #COVID19  experimental treatment.

Another revealing bit. Schakowsky asked if we've funded all the R&D. Azar: "No, that's not accurate. For instance Gilead has a product Remdesivir that was originally NIH-funded basic research I think out of the University of Alabama, but they've carried forward with development."

SCOOP: Drug giant Gilead shipped a batch of its investigational drug, called Remdesivir, to China after requesting — but NOT receiving — the federal approval from HHS that is required by law. w @caitlinnowens 

Good news! The registration for clinical trials on the antiviral drug Remdesivir has been approved, and the first batch of pneumonia patients infected by the novel coronavirus are expected to start taking the drug Thursday