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Striking how much time Boris Johnson has spent in southern Tory seats in recent days. Either he thinks the red wall targets are in the bag or he is more worried about losses in remainer seats than he has been letting on.

People identify a lot more strongly with how they voted in the Brexit referendum than with any political party. As much as 55% of people say they are a 'very strong' Remainer or Leaver – more than double the 22% of 'very strong' supporters of their party.

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Tories left raging after Channel 4 announces left-wing Remainer panel for election night

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Calling all @LibDems  in Keighley & Ilkley. LAB Majority 269. Every vote counts. It’s a 2 horse race between @Conservatives  and @UKLabour  - neck and neck.Well done @TheGreenParty  pulling out. Vote LDem and you risk losing a good local MP (Remainer)for hard Brexit Tory VOTE GROGAN

The final Saturday@WikiGuido  read before #GE2019  Senior Conservatives fear the “Hugh Grant voter”: The Remainer who’ll vote Labour or LibDem in whatever way to stop Tories.

Natalie, in Chorlton, is swaying between Labour and the Liberal Democrats and says the most important issue for her is the NHS. She believes that - while she's a Remainer - Brexit isn't the 'deciding issue' for her.

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It’s jaw dropping, because Corbyn is an ardent Brexiteer. The hypocrisy of 'liberal' Remainer fanatics flocking to Corbyn is jaw-dropping

Although a committed Remainer, he believes the "best possible result " for this election is a Tory majority. "It's something I don't want and campaigned against, but it's the only way we can move forward and try to avoid a no-deal #Brexit  armageddon "…


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Great call on @LBC  just now. MAN: “I just want to thank you Nigel, for all you’ve done for British politics. I was an ardent remainer. I voted remain. Until one moment that changed it all” FARAGE: “Wow. And what was that moment?” MAN: “I got kicked in the head by a horse.”

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are running scared of debating the woman leader of the strongest party of Remain, and broadcasters shouldn’t help them to stitch up the debates. Add your name if you want a Remainer to represent you on stage > #DebateHer 

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Some remainerMPs fear the no-dealers are playing a double game: ERG vote for deal on Saturday and it passes. Benn Act falls away. ERG then vote *against* withdrawal legislation at later stage and, with the Benn Act gone, UK leaves with no deal on October 31

Both sides fought the referendum on the basis they would regard the result as binding; and it was on that basis that people voted. Show me any Leaver or Remainer who said it was just a big state-sponsored opinion poll and could be ignored.

2017: Remainer: It's going to be awful Brexiter: Rubbish. It's going to be brilliant 2018: Remainer: It's going to be awful Brexiter: No it isn't. You just have to believe more 2019: Remainer: It's going to be awful Brexiter. We voted for awful. We knew we were voting for awful

Can you imagine the indignant Remainer outrage if Brexiters had lost in 2016 & were still furiously trying to overturn the Referendum result nearly 3yrs later? Their hypocrisy stinks. They’d ALL be saying the complete opposite if they’d (we’d) won. #brexit 

Leave already won. Why is this simple fact so hard for Remainers to comprehend or accept? MPs are now disgracefully failing to deliver what the electorate voted for, because most of them are Remainers. As a Remainer myself, I find this assault on democracy appalling.

OK. Next poll. So let's say the govt can't resolve Brexit and they pass it back to us. So get voting...again please RT so we scoop up as many Brexiters as we can. I imagine I've got a large Remainer following :-) Thank you!