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@blakesmustache  No. 2. ...and Barr will redact/classify to shape case into a backfire for Dems. These people are absolute monarchists. They’ve been waiting for this chance to overrun our system since the 70’s.

Have YOU been called by @realDonaldTrump  asking you to collude in undermining the forthcoming election? If not, then you may be entitled to compensation. Just call 1-800HeyIWantToColludeToo. Our friendly staff are waiting to redact your call NOW!

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LibreOffice now allows you to redact text in documents. Find out how.

LIFE TIPS FOR FUTURE PRESIDENTS WHO ARE CONSIDERING POTENTIALLY IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES: During every phone call with a foreign leader, be sure to spoil whatever TV show is popular at the time, that way, people will be BEGGING you to redact your transcripts.

So...any theories on why McConnell allowed the Senate vote unanimously calling for release of the whistleblower complaint? (And, yes, I assume the administration will edit and redact it. But still.)

Now Agent Fitzgerald is reading from a 2009 conversation between Baluchi and Faraj al Libi. Libi: According to what Abd al Hadi said, there is no evidence against you. Ammar: REDACT Three quarters of the money for the operation was sent through me, for example. You understand?

The only safe way to release Douglas Murray’s new book, The Madness of Crowds, is to redact the contents and issue instead a 257-page trigger warning.

ICE Fails To Properly Redact Document, Reveals Location Of Future 'Urban Warfare' Training Facility

ICE Fails to Redact Document, Reveals Location of 'Urban Warfare' Facility

ICE Fails to Redact Document, Reveals Location of 'Urban Warfare' Facility ()


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🚨 NEW: PaulManafort's attorneys failed to properly redact their filing. They reveal that Mueller alleges Manafort "lied about sharing polling data with Mr. Kilimnik related to the 2016 presidential campaign". Konstantin Kilimnik has alleged ties to Russian intelligence. 🚨

A federal judge has ruled that the FBI must un-redact more portions of former Director James Comey's memos about his meetings with President Donald Trump, in response to a lawsuit from CNN, per @cnnadam ⁩

If Barr & Rosensteinredact Mueller’s report for Congress, it will be by choice, not legal compulsion. Rosenstein chose to give a GOP House nearly 1 million pages of discovery in Clinton & Russia probe. But they choose not to give 400 pages of Trump-related info to a Dem House.

Excuse me? Barr briefing the White House on the contents of the Mueller report as he makes decisions on what to redact — all while withholding it from the American people

This is bad news for Trump: Barr says he will NOT redact evidence of potential wrongdoing by public figures, only for “people in private life”.

Bill Barr says he will redact material from the Mueller report to protect the privacy of “peripheral third parties.” Key question: Is Barr treating Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. as “peripheral third parties”?

Translation: they want to stall as long as possible and redact more than nescessary to cover up for themselves. Give me a break. Release it all and let the people decide for themselves.

Thx for kennedy files release Ridiculous that CIA wants to review to redactYeGods u had fifty yrs NOW CIA WANTS FURTHER COVERUP/POTUS STOP

#Comey LIED About The Clinton Lynch Tarmac Meeting Why Does The #DOJ  Redact Talking Points On Grandchildren⁉️