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@bbclaurak  Rebecca Long-Bailey stood by the policies put forward by Labour in December’s election but said the party should have told voters that Labour believes in “realising aspirations… and we didn’t do that” .

Rebecca Long-Bailey Claims Coronavirus is an Opportunity for Labour to Campaign

Rebecca Long-Bailey Claims Coronavirus is an Opportunity for Labour to Campaign

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ICYMI: Most ReadRebecca Long-Bailey Claims Coronavirus is an Opportunity for Labour to Campaign”

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Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey has told Sophy ridge on Sunday that the government needs to clarify what constitutes as "non-essential work"

Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey has confirmed that all candidates are to pre-record a victory speech ahead of the winner being announced

In our round-up of today’s political interviews, Michael Gove says coronavirus testing is up to 10,000 a day, Tony Blair says it’s possible to be PM in isolation and Rebecca Long-Bailey says the Labour leadership result is ‘going to be a bit bizarre’.

Rebecca Long-Bailey@RLong_Bailey  leads our must reads this morning with: Our politics are not irrelevant in this crisis – they are more important than ever @BorisJohnson , @matthewsyed  and @kenanmalik  also feature.

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Rebecca Long-Bailey commits to not publicly criticising the next leader if she doesn’t win the contest, reports @PronouncedAlva .

Rebecca Long-Bailey calls for government to keep stake in firms bailed-out during coronavirus


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Rebecca Long-Bailey on her work as a solicitor: “You couldn’t not work on PFI” as it was “the only game in town” @afneil  asks how was she defending the NHS, as she claimed, while working on private finance initiative (PFI) deals #AndrewNeilShow 

One thing that every Conservative I know wants for 2020 is for Rebecca Long Bailey to become leader of the Labour Party

"We have to let people be who they want to be" Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey tells @bbclaurak  trans women are women and that self-identification - where trans people self-identify their gender - "should be the law"

Prof Selina Todd on Labour leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey signing up to a pledge to expel members who express transphobic views "I find it very worrying… It suggests women should be defined as a gender, rather than as a sex” #politicslive 

Breaking: Corbyn’s constituency of Islington North has nominated Keir Starmer and not Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long Bailey gives an interview insisting she is not a puppet of the Corbyn regime. SITTING IN CORBYN'S OFFICE

Passing this on to my @UKLabour  pals: Had a conversation with a Tory. “I do hope they choose Rebecca Long Bailey. We’ll be in power for twenty years” Do with that what you will. (And chuck out your Momentum entrists while you’re at it)

Burgon backs Rebecca Long Bailey for leader, says he'll "consider" running for deputy. That'll see Boris in Downing Street until 2029. #Ridge 

"I want a government that is on your side, not a government that stands by while too many families are struggling to make ends meet… we can do better" Rebecca Long-Bailey is speaking for Labour at #BBCDebate  #GE2019 

Does anybody see any logic at all in these answers from Rebecca Long-Bailey? Isn’t the point that there won’t be an election before October 31st according to the government so therefore something else needs to be done to stop no deal? Am I missing a cunning plan?