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Keep in mind, REPUBLICANS let CHIP expire last year. They could have reauthorized it at any time, and could reauthorize it today. They could vote right now. They're not, because they wanted to use those 9 million kids as hostages.
Just a reminder that Republicans have still not done anything to reauthorize CHIP, which ensures health care coverage to nine million children. Children will start losing their health care if it is not funded soon.
I don’t understand why this Congress refuses to stand up to help young people and children. Failing to protect undocumented youth or reauthorize CHIP is cruel and inhumane. These young people are our future and they deserve better.
It’s been almost 2 months since Congress let the program that provides health care for 9 million children expire. Call Congress & tell them to reauthorize CHIP now: 202-224-3121
It has been nearly two months since Congress let health insurance coverage expire for almost 9 million children. That is cruel and absurd. I hope you’ll call on your representatives to reauthorize CHIP as soon as possible.
The future of 800k Dreamers hangs in the balance. Millions of kids at risk of losing their health insurance. Pass a clean Dream Act. Reauthorize CHIP. Let’s quit kicking the can down the road. #DreamActNow
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Approximately 2 million CHIP recipients live in California. These children and their families shouldn’t have to pay the price of Congress’ inaction. We must reauthorize CHIP.
I voted no on the short-term CR. It did nothing to protect #Dreamers and did not fully reauthorize #CHIP. That’s unacceptable.
The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) officially expired yesterday, and no action has yet been taken by Congress to reauthorize it
I live in CT and I have no idea if this tax bill is saving me money or costing me money but I do know that CT is cutting off health assistance for poor kids because Congress didn’t reauthorize CHIP. Merry Christmas, @GOP. 🎄
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