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Erdogan threatened Europe last week with releasing ISIS fighters into Europe along with 4 million refugees flooding them. Now Trump is hosting him at the White House. I really don’t think it’s just Putin who has him by the balls anymore.

Jared Dudley says that, with LeBron and AD on the team, two of the “best players on the planet,” shot selection is important and will keep getting better: “We should never take tough shots.” Ball movement has really improved the last two games. Space it out, knock it down.

Jim Jordan has built a cottage industry of discrediting anyone with integrity because destroying those who could expose who he really is, is paramount in his being able to continue covering up the crimes of heinous, power wielding abuse junkies. #JimJordanResign  #JimJordanKnew 

Today we'll find out how deep the Johnson-Farage pact really goes: the deeper the pact, the greater threat to democracy, tolerance and freedom. My @NewStatesman  column

This is really exciting! To have my good friend and eZWay Legend confirmed to be at our 2020 eZWay Golden Gala again to present the Frank Shankwitz Everyone Can Be A Hero Award who wants to be nominated? Sept. 2020 #WISHMAN  #EZWAYAWARDS  #IHPGLOBAL 

Packing for a place that actually is cold is really hard when you’re used to the Bay.

Oh no!!! I am not really superstitious, but getting tatted together is BAD LUCK!!! #ShawnMendes  #CamilaCabello 

“People who really know the dynamics of the community know those buildings being closed is contributing to the increase in street chaos.” #vanpoli 

What does "Best if used by" really mean? Here's an infographic that explains labeling.

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I felt and learned a lot after seeing her stage. I am really challenged by her stage and will try harder! #ArianaGrande 

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It's really cold outside. Be careful not to catch a cold.😭 #JIMIN 

Like I already told you in the video, we do really know how hard you been tryin' for this award. Since the title is 'Best Fandom', the award surely is not ours, it's all for ARMYs. Congratulations and love you all with all of my heart. 💕

Don't wana see a single person today , thanks ! really really fun night with everyone but today , don't talk to me

As you get older, you really just want to be surrounded by good people. People that are good for you, good to you and good for your soul.

Our fans support really has been a different class ! Huge love to you guys !!

What you have done for us baffles my mind ever day! really appreciate everything ! Thank you , love you! Let's have more fun now #4YearsOf1D 

I hope you realise what we have all done together really is incredible. You guys have made us what we are today! We'll be back soon enough!

I guess I never explained why I left , it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic  #RCA  !!