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Cut through hype and hysteria with facts. @SI_at_JHU  has a real time dashboard for tracing coronavirus by country, city, timeline and scale of contagion.

Western Union and Bharti Airtel to bring real-time payments to India and Africa

As public health officials respond in real-time to the unfolding of the outbreak, so too are scientists. #coronoavirus  #2019nCoV 

Western Union and Bharti Airtel to bring real-time payments to India and Africa

Reacting in real-time, the sports world in shock, disbelief to learn news of Kobe Bryant's death

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A conversation about how virality is impacting songwriting in real time — and possibly creating a musical form that is post-song. Hear the Popcast.

News of @kobebryant ’s death is spreading in real-time on this @NYCTSubway  platform.

Experts showed that location-tagged tweets by Ukraine residents could have been used to map out sentiments towards Russia in real-time

London’s police department said on Friday that it would begin using facial recognition technology across the city to identify people in real time. Privacy groups immediately criticized the decision.


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enjoy the era your favorites are in in real time while you can

Your smartphone broadcasts your exact location thousands of times per day to dozens of different companies. Each has the power to follow individuals wherever they go, in near-real time. That’s not a glitch in the system. It is the system.

My daughter overcoming her fear in real time (wait for it). I might have been more nervous than she was. 👧🏼🛹⬇️

Someone saw the scene from #Joker  go down in real time. 🤯 🎥 azar0v/reddit

Right now, President Trump is watching our hearing and tweeting baseless attacks against Ambassador Yovanovitch. This is witness intimidation in real time. And we won’t stand for it.

President Trump’s “letter” to Speaker Pelosi is a vivid picture of the mind of the man, in real time. It is a reminder that ultimately impeachment is a judgement on whether this man is fit for the presidency.

Moon mission will be livestreamed in high def VR, so it’ll feel like you’re there in real-time minus a few seconds for speed of light

It seems @realDonaldTrump  was accidentally watching Real Time again tonight. Hope he saw this offer to him at the end. #Prickstarter  #TakeTheMoney 

That was a turning point in this hearing so far. She was already a sympathetic witness & the President’s tweet ripping her allowed Schiff to point it out real time characterizing it as witness tampering or intimidation -adding an article of impeachment real-time.

This is a bombshell that isn’t getting much notice. But the top diplomat in Ukraine was texting in real time that we were withholding security funds to help with Trump's political campaign