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Cincinnati police in riot gear and Ohio State Highway Patrol block entrance to I-471 off Reading Road near 13th Street. Halted protesters who are now gone. Police are holding corner of 13th and Reading @baldwinreports  is live on scene

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📚 Reading Corner with @clutchthebear  📚 Read along as Rocket Man narrates "Clark The Shark"! #NBATogether 

Tamsin Calidas tells of her struggles in a remote corner of Scotland in I Am an Island, and it makes for remarkable reading

Re-reading that, I worry it doesn’t make sense. So trying again: it’s easy to remember to be grateful when disaster seems to be looming around every corner. But I want to be just as grateful when I’m not as scared, not as worried. There is just as much to be grateful for.

I'm reading the book, “The Corner that Held Them,” which is about a bunch of nuns at an abby over decades during the plague in the 14th century, and it's just a lot of little episodes, so I've started to treat it like Twitter and think “time to check in on my nuns.”

While you're reading the story, go ahead and click on that @WiStateJournal  logo at the top of the story, too. Lots of pretty big stories on the ol' home page today. And if you aren't already, consider that "Become a Member " button in the top corner. Local media need your support.

⏰ 57' | 🦢 3-2 🔵 Goal. It's another one for Reading as another McAnuff corner is headed in by an unmarked Mills. 📺 Watch 👉

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⏰ 49' | 🦢 3-1 🔵 Goal. Reading pull one back as McAnuff's corner is turned into his own net by Allen. 📺 Watch 👉

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📚 Reading Corner with @clutchthebear  📚 Read along as Rocket Man narrates "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss! #NBATogether 


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You may not be reading much about the protests in Hong Kong anymore, but our editor Tom O’Sullivan points out that 2020 is bringing a new phase to the anti-government campaign — one designed to weave protests into every corner of the territory's economy

Reading the bill now. It’s full of funding that will help us turn the corner on Coronavirus. One 🚨 though: no specific funding to help labs increase testing capacity. Government is going to increase that capacity - by a lot - and that takes money. Major unfinished business.

#ShaheenBagh tonight. The Sikhs have set up their langar, and India Gate is next to a heart full of love. If you go, please consider taking along some books -- English, Hindi, Urdu -- in any subject for Usama's small reading corner.

My late father had many wise sayings, most based on his close reading of history. One was: Never corner the animal. @realDonaldTrump ⁩’s volatile hysteria is dangerous, even if he has points he could argue calmly, which he does. This is a child’s rage.

Enable night mode for easy reading while you’re up reading those late night Tweets. ? ? Tap your profile photo in the top left corner to access the dash menu, then tap the slider next to night mode for easier viewing!

CB is using his platform to encourage kids to read by opening Patrick’s Corner reading spaces in elementary schools. #MyCauseMyCleats 

Fair play to the Crystal Palace and Reading fans in with their flags in the noisiest Colombian corner #COLENG 

When I grow up, I want to be one of those crazy people on a street corner reading the Bible into a megaphone.

Great positional play and reading of the game by Mikel to intercept a ball into Sissoko. Diego Costa wins a corner. #CFCLive