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Our brave men and women in uniform deserve our unyielding support. Today, I voted for the #NDAA  to authorize resources to equip our troops, support military families, enhance defense capabilities, strengthen military readiness, and modernize the force.

The entire family bears the sacrifice of service. New mothers can now defer deployments, ensuring stable family environments that contribute exponentially to future readiness. Uprooted spouses will receive greater support for employment and licensing at new duty stations.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula will assess the state of readiness of law enforcement officials for this festive season. He'll inspect hundreds of officials and equipment. #FirstTake  Courtesy#DStv403 

Slavoj Žižek: My latest article for @Independent  provoked a wide campaign against me all around the world, so I wrote a reply. The paper rejected the publication of it. I am grateful to @RT_com  for readiness to make my reply available to the public

As one of the #NDAA  conferees, I am pleased this bill continues the progress in restoring and rebuilding our military readiness. Historically, the NDAA has been a product of bipartisan consensus and I am pleased we were successful in reaching that level of consensus again.

Measure your company’s #5G  readiness with this 5-state overview. #ad 

As Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness and an NDAA conferee, I helped negotiate a compromise with the Senate. This NDAA strengthens our national defense and advances a variety of critically important issues.

There are three steps that students can take now to assess their anticipated readiness for AP exams in the spring.

"As climate pollution builds up in our atmosphere, a hotter world is undermining our economic progress, hurting our military readiness, and endangering our health."

London boroughs lack #5G  readiness - capital's local authorities lack strategy or budget to make next-generation networks a reality, according to @TechLondonAdv  :


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Compassion is concern for others—sincere concern for others’ well-being founded on awareness of our own experience. Since it makes us happy when others show us affection and offer us help, if we show others affection and readiness to help they too will feel joy.

A missionary Church knows that its best message is its readiness to be transformed by the word of life, making service its hallmark. #ApostolicJourney 

The NFL arranged this workout opportunity for Colin Kaepernick, and teams will have the opportunity to evaluate his readiness and level of interest in resuming his NFL career. His agents have said he wants to return to the NFL, and the league hopes this provides that chance.

Our nation must continue investing in the readiness and modernization of our military. Russia and China aren’t slowing down to wait for us. It would be a grave mistake if Democrats block the Senate from moving forward with defense funding legislation this week.

President @realDonaldTrump : Why are you putting @usairforce  readiness at risk to pay for your expensive, ineffective, vanity border wall? Enough. Stop the cuts.

It is now clear to all of us that @realDonaldTrump  and his complicit allies in Congress will sacrifice projects crucial for military readiness in order to appease his base and build his vanity wall.

Remember this the next time @realDonaldTrump  tries to claim he supports military readiness. Believe what they do. Not what they say.

Spoke to Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi Ji, the Governor of West Bengal on the situation due to Cyclone Fani. Reiterated the Centre’s readiness to provide all help needed to cope with the cyclone. Also conveyed my solidarity with the people of Bengal in the wake of Cyclone Fani.

Breaking: The commandant of the Marine Corps is warning that deployments to the U.S.-Mexico border and funding transfers under the president's emergency declaration are contributing to an “unacceptable risk” to the Corps’ combat readiness.

By attacking thousands of troops, @realDonaldTrump  makes clear that he cares more about extreme ideology than military readiness.