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Humble suggestions for headline and Twitter writers at press outlets
1) Don't act as stenographers for demonstrable lies.
2) Don't confuse readers who quickly scroll through about what is true.
3) Reflect the balance and context that's often in the actual article.
#ARMY, you did it! @BTS_twt has won the online reader’s poll for TIME’s Person of the Year. 🙌 #BTS
The top three choices for Person of the Year from @TIME’s reader’s poll:

-Planet Earth
-Thai cave divers
Memo to the press: When you quote the president saying “spygate,” it is only fair to immediately follow that by noting there is absolutely no evidence of a spy being inserted in his campaign. It seems to me, failure to do so is a disservice to your readers, viewers & the country.
this can't be right don't think I've ever won one of these polls before in this band thanks entertainmentwise readers
Wanted to take a moment & recognize the excellent work of local television & newspaper reporters covering .

The #FloridaElectionelection controversy is a prime example of why local outlets are so important. They have the experience to provide proper context to readers & viewers
In an online poll, Time readers chose K-pop band BTS for Person of the Year. The group beat out major figures including former first lady Michelle Obama, tennis star Serena Williams and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
....impartial journalists of a much higher standard, lose all of your phony and non-existent “sources,” and treat the President of the United States FAIRLY, so that the next time I (and the people) win, you won’t have to write an apology to your readers for a job poorly done! GL
Nobody has dug deeper into the Russia-Brexit connection than ⁦⁩ Here is the story to date, all in one place, accessible to readers not yet familiar. Do not miss it
Guys please make sure you vote for us this year for Worst Band of the Year for the Kerrang! Readers Poll. This award is dedicated to you guys. Thank you so much.
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