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New £20 note goes into circulation today and rare ones could be worth hundreds

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New £20 note launches today and rare ones could be worth thousands of pounds

Khalifa Hifter, the military ruler of eastern Libya, is trying to take over the entire country. To see what that would look like, we paid a rare visit to the part he already controls.

New £20 note launches today and rare ones could be worth thousands of pounds #TheNew20 

Rare footage uncovered of the aftermath in the Red Summer 1919 Knoxville race riots

Rare dispatch from Benghazi, the city where Haftar’s face is everywhere but he is seldom seen in person. Rare because journalists’ access to the city is very restricted, & rare because the reporting digs deep beyond the propaganda. A must-read by @ddknyt 

New £20 note goes into circulation today - and rare ones could be worth hundreds of pounds 💷

'This is one of those rare books that have something really important to say. Anatol Lieven, o via @PenguinUKBooks 


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It requires moral courage to stand up to this President. There's no doubt that he is vindictive — his threatening tweet about me today is proof positive. But we all have an obligation to do the right thing. Moral courage is rare. But it is never more essential than now.

A massive 200 Billion Dollar Sea Wall, built around New York to protect it from rare storms, is a costly, foolish & environmentally unfriendly idea that, when needed, probably won’t work anyway. It will also look terrible. Sorry, you’ll just have to get your mops & buckets ready!

PICTURED: rare'>Ultra-rare black leopard is caught on camera for the first time in 100 YEARS in Africa

Lt. Col. Vindman did his job. As a soldier in Iraq, he received a Purple Heart. Then he displayed another rare form of bravery — moral courage. He complied with a subpoena and told the truth. He upheld his oath when others would not. Right matters to him. And to us.

A man who said he never drank alcohol but often appeared drunk actually had a rare condition called auto-brewery syndrome, in which his gut began producing alcohol whenever he ate carbohydrates, a new case study says.

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“All that’s swirling around us now is Impeachment. We talk about it day and night, it’s what’s on the news, there is NOTHING that has turned up that is Impeachable. Our founding fathers set impeachment to be extremely rare. We need to get good stuff done. Let the people vote,....

It's hard to live up to the hype. It's rare to exceed it. Happy Birthday@KingJames  ?

Purdue superfan Tyler Trent has died after a long battle with a rare form of bone cancer. This is his inspirational story.

A thing that happened today that won't get much attention: Senate Republicans confirmed *another* lifetime federal judge who earned a rare and embarrassing "not qualified" rating by the American Bar Association.

Whale watchers squeal with delight as three surfacing humpbacks leap out of the water almost simultaneously right next to their boat in rare triple breach.