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Let me repeat that. @EpicGames  , which makes @FortniteGame  , used by a quarter-billion people, many of them kids, had *nothing to say* when asked how they are stopping potential rapists and child abusers from exploiting their platform. Parents, take note.

It was a huge victory for the network of dedicated activists across Northern Africa and Western Asia when several countries in the regions repealed or reformed laws that allowed rapists to go unpunished. #WomensProgress2019  #16days 

Today on @WeThePeopleNDTV  .. When will Indian women ever be safe? The Telanganarapists shot dead by the police in a controversial ‘encounter’ while Nirbhaya’s parents wait for justice. In Unnao a woman fighting for justice set on fire by her rapists #NoJusticeForIndiasDaughters 

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No justice for India's daughters? "All I want to say is that rape is a rape and rapists are rapists. They should be hanged": Asha Devi, Nirbhaya's mother tells @GargiRawat  #WeThePeople 

“Whether it is the horrific Kathua case where an eight-year-old child was raped and murdered and the local BJP leaders took out marches in support of the alleged rapists; or the alleged rape by BJP leader Chinmayananda … “ - @bainjal 

A new “rapid DNA” instrument is marketed as a way to identify suspected rapists in hours, while victims are still being treated at the hospital. But some critics caution that the technique may not deliver the clear results its manufacturer claims.

“Rapid DNA” testing is marketed as a way to identify suspected rapists in hours, while victims are still being treated. Critics, however, warn that the tests may not deliver the clear results that the companies claim.

#BREAKING – While the nation is divided over the encounter of the accused in the Hyderabad horror incident, TRS leader Talasani Srinivas has praised the police. The Telangana minister also warned rapists of more encounters. #EncounterOfRapeAccused  | @RishikaSadam  with details

There will be encounter if anyone does wrong, cruel: Telangana minister's stern warning to rapists.

#EXCLUSIVE | TIMES NOW's Parvina speaks to DCW chief @SwatiJaiHind , who has been on a hunger strike for 5 days demanding capital punishment for rapists within 6 months of their conviction. Listen in. | #BetisLeadRevolt 


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In 2016, ABC killed a story about a pedophilia ring. 3 years later the story became public. How many children were raped in those years? How many child rapists got away? Why kill the story? Because Bill Clinton was implicated & Hillary was running for President. Fuck you ABC

Step One: Hype an invented threat of an invasion of terrorists, murderers, and rapists. Step Two: Send troops to border to address the imaginary threat. Step Three: Justify the WALL as necessary to protect troops sent to meet the nonexistent threat. Step Four: Executive Time!

Beto O’Rourke on his way to his car was asked if there’s anything Trump can do now to make this better. “What do you think? You know the shit he’s been saying. He’s been calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. I don’t know, like, members of the press, what the fuck?”

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I don’t have a vendetta against all of Hollywood. Hollywood has afforded me to have a great life. I have a vendetta against the liberal media that refuses to expose, indict and imprison the criminals, pedophiles, con artists, molesters and rapists that are in charge of Hollywood.

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Federal immigration officials say two alleged child rapists are on the run after New York and New Jersey authorities refused to hold the suspects in jail for ICE.

No one should be victimized by sexual assault. Today I signed Melissa’s Law to close a loophole that gave lighter sentences to some rapists. If you sexually assault someone in Texas you will face stiff punishment. #txlege 

Taking on the Obama-Clinton gang is a health hazard. When I was in federal confinement for eight months, I was more afraid of something like this—drugs “found” in my locker, an “apparent” suicide—than I was of the murderers, rapists & gang members who were my fellow inmates

You say there are good people on both sides of a neo-Nazi rally. Suggest that immigrants are all murders, rapists and gang members. Praise a politician who assaulted a reporter. And it’s CNN’s fault someone sent them a bomb? We know you have no decency, but have you no shame?

Murderers, rapists, and animals. This is how the President views undocumented immigrants. These degrading words are also how despots around the world dehumanize those they persecute. The only protection? A vigilant citizenry and the rule of law.

Trump calls them rapists and murderers. Sessions calls them aliens. It's all meant to justify violent, racist policies that destroy families