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here is my entire “A Story Like Mine” poem from today’s #WomensMarch2018 in NYC tw: rape / assault. Thank you.
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Slavery, racism, torture, rape, treason and sedition are all worse.
Received a legal notice from a Jammu lawyer Dipika Rajawat for exposing #KathuaKaSach.I wear it as a badge of honour. I’ll keep exposing those who exploit rape to build political careers,give a family’s tragedy a communal spin & launch smear campaigns when questioned. (contd.)
This woman is not a footnote in history. Her 1944 rape by white thugs is a CRITICAL part of the fight for civil rights in America. Read her story please. And know her name. Mrs. Recy Taylor. A beautiful warrior. May she rest in peace and power.
While assuring justice for the family of the victim of rape and murder in Kathua, we must note that there seems a clear PDP / Hurriyat conspiracy to use it for driving out Hindus from Jammu or terrorise them into submission
She actually went to the U.N. to call for action against genocide and mass rape
In India, the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl has led to protests by Hindu nationalists — coming to the defense of the accused
'Law & Order: SVU' star Mariska Hargitay is fighting to get all of America's backlogged rape kits tested
To dismiss Trump’s comments as “guy talk” is an insult to good men and boys. This is what rape culture looks & sounds like.
PM @narendramodi delivers on his promise of justice to every daughter of India. Approves an ordinance giving death penalty to child rapists. Also ensures, stringent punishment be meted out to perpetrators of rape, particularly girls below 16 years. #DeathForChildRapists
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