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Remember: The approved rules for this hearing — whether Republicans like it or not — are that only the chairman and ranking Republican or their staff counsel would be recognized for 45-minute rounds, followed by 5 minutes for each other member of the Intelligence Committee.

This week's Power Ranking: Republicans want to psych out 2020 candidates on impeachment. There’s a big problem.

But at least it's now clear that the Republicans in this hearing have Grave Concerns about other countries throwing money at the untalented offspring of the highest-ranking U.S. elected officials.

The Republicans will have now have 45 minutes to question Taylor and Kent. House Intel Ranking Member Rep. Devin Nunes is questioning now, and House Intel Senior Investigative Counsel for the Minority Steve Castor will be next

Ranking Republicans issued their own list Saturday including Hunter Biden and the unnamed whistleblower, who they say will help treat the President with “fundamental fairness.”

@GOPLeader  Kevin McCarthy tells @margbrennan  he has “never received” an offer from the whistleblower to answer questions directly from Republicans, which was submitted to Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on Intel Committee.

Two high-ranking Republicans defended a National Security Council official who heard Trump’s phone call with Ukraine's president and testified that it was improper—and a threat to U.S. national security—for Trump to demand an investigation into Joe Biden

Trumpocalypse Now? Ranking the Republicans who could replace Trump on the 2020 ticket

Trumpocalypse Now? Ranking the Republicans who could replace Trump on the 2020 ticket

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House Republicans are currently meeting for an impeachment update from ranking members


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Senate Republicans held a vote on a judicial nominee over the objection of BOTH home-state senators. Neither @SenKamalaHarris  nor I have returned a blue slip on Kenneth Lee. A Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member’s blue slip has never been ignored before.

i assure you, high-ranking republicans like mark meadows never said that they would "send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is.”

No comment yet from Jim Jordan, ranking Republican on Oversight, on whether he thinks Republicans should engage in the kind of questioning suggested by Matt Gaetz, an ally of Jordan’s. Jordan and Meadows have accused Dems of trying to turn tomorrow’s hearing into a circus.

Rep. McCaul, the ranking Republican on House Foreign Affairs, says he supports the resolution to keep sanctions on Rusal, Deripaska's company. (It was blocked on Wednesday by Senate Republicans, despite 11 voting with Dems)

third-ranking House Republican, who survived an assassination attempt, seeks to rouse GOP voters w/op-ed accusing top Democratic politicians of encouraging violence against Republicans which is not true

This high-ranking Republican will now vote Democrat because he's sick of Republicans in Congress acting as Trump's lap dogs. #VoteThemOut 

If the tax bill passes, high-ranking Republicans hint the party intends to look at cutting spending on welfare, Social Security and Medicare. #TaxBill  via

third-ranking GOP Sen Thune tells @npr  that Republicans like Flake and Corker should keep fears about Trump “private...within the family”