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Adityanath’s Role in Shift of Ram Idol at Temple Site Upsets Some Ayodhya Sadhus, Sharat Pradhan reports via @thewire_in 

The shifting of the idol clears the site to begin construction of the Ram temple.

Report: VHP to gift photos of Ram Lalla and temple model to Hindu families across India.

Ayodhya: Ram Lalla idol shifted to temporary structure to allow temple construction READ:

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The idol of #Ram  Lalla was placed on a 9.5-kg silver throne in the new structure where the idol would remain till the construction of the Ram temple#Ayodhya 

Ahead of temple work, Ram Lalla shifted to makeshift structure in Ayodhya

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Ahead Of Temple Work, Ram Lalla Shifted To Makeshift Structure In Ayodhya


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Today we take a historic step ahead towards building a grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya! It was my honour to address the Lok Sabha on this subject, which is special to many. I also applauded the remarkable spirit of the people of India. This is what I said...

Only when Lord Rama wanted the green light for re- building the temple is being given. JaI Shri Ram

IT is time to remember today the long memory of the Ram Bhakts who from 1528 never gave up striving for the restoration of Ram Temple at Ayodhya. We have records of 1853, 1857, 1885, 1934 1949, 1986-1991, and the court battles since 1950 till yesterday.

Whatever SC decides in the Ram Temple matter, the government has the Brahmastra of nationalisation under Article 300A of the Constitution and paying compensation to winner but not give the land. Of total Ayodhya 67.703 acres, SC purview is only over 0.313 acre that is disputed

All those who now want to claim credit for the Ram Temple case should explain what they did from 2010 to 2017 to get the hearing the matter dates and matter listed? Zamindars can collect the crop revenue without planting the seeds

Now that building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is on autopilot, the nation must focus on how to stop and turn the daily slide down of the economy to a crash.

In 1991 I said Govt doesn’t needGovernor’s Report for dismissing a state Govt. Then I got dismissed DMK Govt.Then on Art 370 I argued that we don’t need Const Amendment. Proved right again. Now I say Govt does not need SC ok to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Will Namo do it?

Ram temple is unfinished work from the previous 5 years. It was in cold storage till I went to SC with a new petition asking for my fundamental right to pray where faith says Ram was born. Now I ask Namo govt to hand over the nationalised land to construct it

For Ram temple by Namo govt: Step 1:Withdraw earlier Application to SC seeking permission to return land to Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas Samiti-- just hand all 67.07 acres over to RJNS to build temple. 3. Tell SC when it decides Title, only compensation will be paid.

Hindus wake up! Muslims leaders are refusing to give up on a masjid,that is shiftable,to restore the holiest temple on the birthplace of Ram