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It's over! Coachella Valley wins its fifth straight #bellgame, 34-27 over a very spirited Indio team #Rajahs #Arabs
Final score: Indio 31, Desert Mirage 0. How about those Rajahs!
Friday is a big day for Arabs and Rajahs fans in the valley! Who will you be rooting for at tmrw's #BellGame16?
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Sad news to report: Longtime Indio High cross country and track coach Becky Baker passed away Saturday. She will be missed. #RIP #Rajahs
Rajahs with the comeback! Touchdown❤️💙🙌 Current score: 34-27 @IHSRajahs
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Final score: Indio 29, Yucca Valley 6. Rajahs pick up first win of the season. #CVfootball
Indio playing inspired football in #BellGame, takes 14-7 lead over Coachella VAlley in second quarter #Rajahs #Arabs
Final score: Indio 65, Diamond Ranch 41. Rajahs will be on the road Saturday in second round. #CIFSS girls basketball
"There are two types of people in the world: Rajahs and those who wish they were." :
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