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Shortly on China trade deal: 1. No deal but phase one done soon 2. Not soon but maybe Trump delays tariffs instead 3. Trump delays only new imaginary tariffs and raises old tariffs he promised to raise to protect US farmers 4. Did you see the Irishman? What do you think?

This Sunday, 15% tariffs are due to kick in on the iPhone. That could raise the prices by as much as $150 per phone. But Chinese officials expect Trump to delay the import duties, granting Apple a temporary reprieve

U.S official source: “I’m expecting them to raise the tariffs on Sunday.”

Reuters, quoting unnamed source: "I'm expecting them to raise the tariffs on Sunday…The administration is preparing its talking points about how that's the right thing to do. The message is that it will not be painful."

POLL: Will the US raise tariffs on China on December 15?

$ES rallying on Powell comments, Trump can raise tariffs on Sun now

Tariffs offer a potent weapon for countering unfair trade practices—but they also raise costs for local companies. So in the end, who pays for tariffs? @shannonkoneil  breaks it down ⤵️

#Reminder Trump said if no deal he is going to raise tariffs on China

Obvious who this is aimed at (rightly so IMO) "Although not explicitly aimed at the US, the new enforcement regulation will allow Brussels to raise tariffs against imports from countries that seek to frustrate WTO litigation" via @FinancialTimes 

Washington is due to raise tariffs on an additional $160 billion of Chinese imports on Dec. 15, including smartphones and toys, which will extend penalties to almost everything the United States buys from China. #daybreak8 


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Every time you hear about another round of tariffs, think of them as Trump imposing a tax hike on ordinary Americans. Tariffs are paid by American consumers. They raise the prices of many things we purchase, everything from cars to clothes. They function like a tax hike.

Breaking News: China will raise tariffs on U.S. goods, a retaliation for President Trump’s move, but it delayed the increase to allow one last push for a deal

Trump is is threatening to use the emergency authority granted by a powerful, but obscure federal law to “order” U.S. businesses to cut ties in China after it announced plans to raise tariffs on $75 billion in U.S. imports.

Mayor Buttigieg: "We will all pay, on average, 800 bucks more a year, starting now, because of these tariffs. And by the way, a tariff is a tax, so if you don't believe Republicans raise taxes, that's what they're doing right now. " #PetePlaysHardball 

If Trump imposes higher tariffs on China, average Americans pay more, just like a higher tax. How can Trump raise taxes without congressional approval? Just like he pays for his wall without Congress’s approval. Just like he refuses congressional subpoenas. Dictatorship is easy.

Jack Daniel's forced to raise price of whiskey by double digits in response to tariffs

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I'm sorry, Mr. President, but you got this wrong. Tariffs are paid by American consumers. They raise the prices of many things we buy. They function exactly like taxes. So you have in effect raised taxes on most Americans. You have made Americans poorer.

Trump wants to abandon the rules of the World Trade Organization – giving him authority to raise tariffs without congressional consent, isolating America, and playing into Putin’s and Xi’s vision of ultra-nativist nationalism.

This is a disgraceful surrender of Congressional power to Trump’s illegal use of a loophole to raise tariffs. Now Democratic senators agree Canada is a national security threat. Shameful. Complicit. This is the Democrats’ senate low point.

Things no one named Trump knows: 1. Tariffs are taxes. 2. USA tariffs are not really paid by China. They are paid by USA consumers of Chinese goods. 3. Tariffs raise prices of foreign goods & also raise prices of goods made in USA. 4. Wall St knows all of this.