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Virender Sehwag
congratulations england on the 4 1 series win india were good in patchesbut not consistent enough with the bat
Congratulations England on the 4-1 series win. India were good in patches,but not consistent enough with the bat. Pant & Rahul’s display on last day was very heartening, so were Kohli’s & the bowlers consistency throughout .Need to work a lot to travel better.Ab MissionAustralia
@TimesNow 2 months
after misleading cut amp con article congress chief rahul gandhi breaks fake rafale news political analysts as
#RahulRafaleFakeNews After misleading ‘cut & con’ article Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi breaks ‘fake’ Rafale news. Political analysts ask if Rahul’s ‘facts’ are fake then what about his promises to innocent Indians ahead of 2019 election?
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India Today
how would you describe rahuls garibi hatao formula
How would you describe Rahul’s garibi hatao formula?
Abhijit Majumder
lahore congress 1929 motilal nehru passed on congress president post to son jawaharlal he had gently prodded g
Lahore Congress, 1929. Motilal Nehru passed on Congress President post to son Jawaharlal. He had gently prodded Gandhi to choose his son over Patel in a letter in 1928.
Dynasty’s long march will continue with Rahul’s promotion, richly earned by his string of glittering failures
Omar Abdullah
i must say the measured mature response of rahuls to the sp bsp announcement makes a welcome change from the e
I must say the measured, mature response of Rahul’s to the SP-BSP announcement makes a welcome change from the ego driven bluster that usually drives politicians’ responses.
Subramanian Swamy
swamy urges ed to probe rahuls barclays bank a c via thedailypioneer
Swamy urges ED to probe Rahul’s Barclays Bank a/c via @TheDailyPioneer
modi is a capable leader has command over language knows india issues facts very well read and reads books reg
Modi is a capable leader, has command over language, knows India, issues/facts, very well read and Reads books regularly. He should accept Rahul’s challenge/debate with Him. India should have debate tradition like USA has, among PM candidates. Modi sud start new tradition.
British Bake Off
rahuls pure delight at receiving a handshake is a joy to behold gbbo
Rahul’s pure delight at receiving a handshake is a joy to behold. #GBBO
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Subramanian Swamy
probe rahuls secret british citizenship swamy to mha via thedailypioneer
Probe Rahul’s secret British citizenship: Swamy to MHA - via @TheDailyPioneer
after digvijayas osama ji remark rahuls masood azhar ji shocker times now accesses but congress demands proof
After Digvijaya’s ‘Osama Ji’ remark, Rahul’s ‘Masood Azhar Ji’ shocker. TIMES NOW accesses #BalakotKillCount but Congress demands proof. Respect for terrorist not our Forces?

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