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#EEBAFTAs: Rachel Weisz wins Best Supporting Actress for @the_favourite
We love the love between Emma Stone, Olivia Colman and supporting actress winner Rachel Weisz ❤️ #EEBAFTAs #BAFTA
And the winner is… Rachel Weisz for her role as the formidable Lady Sarah Churchill in @the_favourite #EEBAFTAs #BAFTA
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"This is for all of us, it's got my name on it but we can scratch in some other names." 😂

Olivia Colman dedicates her Best Actress #BAFTA for The Favourite to her co-stars Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone 👑
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THR cover: The Actress Roundtable with , Nicole Kidman, , , Kathryn Hahn and Rachel Weisz
Supporting actress winner Rachel Weisz is thankful for "everyone that stood by these three women and their story and got this film made" @the_favourite 🙌 #EEBAFTAs #BAFTA
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Supporting Actress Nominee Rachel Weisz talks about her on-screen chemistry with The Favourite co-stars Emma Stone and Olivia Colman 😍 #EEBAFTAs
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Nominated for Supporting Actress 🏆👏

Amy Adams
Claire Foy
Emma Stone
Margot Robbie
Rachel Weisz

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