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@mattgurney  @robert_hiltzI  @timlewisgeddes  mean, O'Toole's campaign is being run by Ballingall, and MacKay's by a Bernier guy, and they're both RTing the Post Millennial. Big gap!

I'm saying RTing into an echo chamber isn't a model for radicalism

Everyone's okay about RTing praise nowadays, right?

I’m jumping in DMs and rt’ing as many people as i can that post about my new song. (My pinned tweet). Thank you. ❤️🌺

I am rt’ing people that post the YouTube video. Thank you.

Im currently RT-ing flu questions so I can come back and make sure I can address them tomorrow when I talk flu.

I am rting people that click and tweet this.

@Twitter  @TwitterSupportS  @jacku  @TwitterJPp  @Twitterp  @TwitterSupporto  @jackrt  The corroborating accou @medialiteracy20nt  was RT'ing some tweets by a Japanese physician who is known in Japan for his racists remarks. It's absurd to s @TwitterJPee  JP officially circulating tweets by the guy known as a Holocaust denier.

@LucyMangan  RTing' alt='ellglynnRTing' /'>@ellglynnRTing  praise of your book is fine because it might sell copies. Doing it for articles is just self-flattery. I can’t remember who said it but they said the etiquette is: RT for your wallet but not for your ego


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Mike Huckabee has filed a formal complaint to the Florida Bar against an attorney with 500 Twitter followers for criticizing him and RTing/liking tweets making fun of him

? | Fancy another #LUFC  prize giveaway? Win a signed @LiamCooper__  shirt by RT’ing and liking this post before 5pm on Monday. T&Cs apply.

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With 97% of the public supporting common sense gun violence solutions – including most Republicans and NRA members – public sentiment is on our side. Let’s make sure they hear us by rt’ing this! Hey, @senatemajldr ! #GiveUsAVote  on #HR8 .

KEEP RTing and I'll follow you later gotta run

Still following people! Just keep RT'ing and tweeting #GrierAndFousheeNews  ✌️

RETWEET this to win this FREE autographed JERSEY! Double your chances by RTing this & voting with Facebook! #MLB13CC