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DNC: Franken should resign

RNC: we’re all in on Roy Moore
NEWS: Nebraska RNC committeewoman Joyce Simmons has RESIGNED over committee's support for Roy Moore
It must be repeated every single day that Trump and the entire Republican Party, via the RNC, are actively campaigning for a pedophile to join the Senate.
Bob Dole at 1996 RNC: "If there’s anyone who has mistakenly attached themselves to our party in the belief that we are not open to citizens of every race and religion...the exits, which are clearly marked, are for you to walk out of as I stand this ground without compromise."
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RNC: 'We Warned You Gay Marriage Would Be A Slippery Slope Toward Accepting Pedophilia'
...contributions. The RNC is taking in far more $'s than the Dems, and much of it by my wonderful small donors. I am working hard for them!
So the RNC just isn’t gonna give back Steve Wynn’s donations, eh?
Will RNC return Steve Wynn’s donations after calling on DNC to return Harvey Weinstein’s
Steve Wynn has stepped down from HIS OWN COMPANY over sexual misconduct allegations.

The RNC is still keeping his cash.
Here’s the thing about the RNC waiting for Wynn to get his due process….. There is no investigation. He isn’t under trial. There’s no official judgement coming.

They’re creating a facade to justify holding on to his money.
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