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Reminder - In addition to being the longtime personal lawyer to @realDonaldTrump, Michael Cohen is the Deputy National Finance Chairperson of the RNC
The most militant pro lifer I know just emailed me that he saw no legitimate public concern in an RNC official paying for an abortion.
Our entire RNC family offers prayers of comfort and peace for Barbara Bush and the entire Bush family.
Irony to the fact that after the RNC successfully hounded every Democrat to return Weinstein money their finance team constituted of Steve Wynn, Michael Cohen, and this guy.

They returned no money BTW.
DNC: Franken should resign

RNC: we’re all in on Roy Moore
NEWS: Nebraska RNC committeewoman Joyce Simmons has RESIGNED over committee's support for Roy Moore
RNC donors' campaign funds now also being used to pay:

-- Trump's company more than $37,000 a month, and

-- "thousands of dollars in monthly salary to Vice President Mike Pence's nephew, John Pence"
Michael Steele, the first African-American RNC chair, confirms to me he was not invited to the RNC’s “trailblazer luncheon” celebrating “the outstanding achievements of African-American Republican leaders”
It must be repeated every single day that Trump and the entire Republican Party, via the RNC, are actively campaigning for a pedophile to join the Senate.
RNC: 'We Warned You Gay Marriage Would Be A Slippery Slope Toward Accepting Pedophilia'
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