Per WH, Trump speaking tomorrow night at RNC dinner held at -- you guessed it -- the Trump hotel in DC. Closed to press. Conflict?
Luther Strange has spoken w/POTUS about getting RNC $ - yet still no green light, worrying Team Mitch
Rising GOP fears that insurgent-minded Trump won't approve RNC funds for Luther in 'bama - led to Mitch/WH showdown
Tomorrow evening @POTUS to speak at RNC dinner being held at Trump Int'l Hotel. "Closed to press," according to @WhiteHouse advisory.
House votes 423-4 to reaffirm Article V of NATO treaty; No votes: Massie R-KY, Biggs R-AZ, Duncan R-TN, Jones R-NC
.@DailyCaller @FoxNews @davidaxelrod @Project_Veritas @RNC CNN Covering For DNC Corruption? #AmericanPravda
Remarkable: McConnell had to also call Reince just to get RNC to sign off on coordinated $ for @SenatorStrange !
In addition to Priebus/Spicer in GOP Senate lunch on health care, also RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel
Behind the scenes, the lack of RNC $ in AL has frustrated Strange + McConnell - so much so that they've personally talked to WH about it
Yet RNC official confirms they've has yet to approve any pro-Strange spending in Alabama -a priority for McConnell and his allies
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