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“Time really moves fast, fast, fast, fast...” #RIPJuiceWrld  ?

If you gave him a word, he could bar it up ?? #RIPJuiceWrld 

But if you gave him a beat, he could glide on it for days ?️ #RIPJuiceWrld 

You can see him pulling the words out of thin air ? #RIPJuiceWrld 

Nobody from his generation could go off the top like he did ?️?️?️ #RIPJuiceWrld 

F**k a beat, he'll go a cappella ? "YOU WANT BEEF? I GOT SHELLS, LET'S MAKE TACOS" ?? #RIPJuiceWrld 

A thread of Juice Wrld's wildest freestyles ⬇️ #RIPJuiceWrld