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NEW: Sean Hannity revealed as secret owner behind shell companies that have spent $90m buying 870+ homes across the US – with help from HUD and foreclosures
Korean pop sensations @BTS_twt has revealed some big news, mark your calendars!

Their new album 'Love Yourself: Tear' will drop on May 18. The full-length album will be their third and will serve as the sequel to last year's 'Love Yourself: Her EP'
#TheLastJedi poster has been revealed. #SWCO
Revealed on the Marvel Studios’ @Avengers: #InfinityWar red carpet, the latest collectibles from @ComicaveStudios!
Exclusive: Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats in their Oval Office meeting last week
Artwork revealed ✅ let me know what you think? #STRIPTHATDOWN ⬇️
The Philando Castile case gets worse and worse the more that's revealed. Shame on that cop. Shame on those jurors. Shame on this system.
When enough of you save it, the artwork will be revealed! #STRIPTHATDOWN
Are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that head of the DNC illegally gave Hillary the questions to the debate?
This is still a scandal: JW found evidence showing Lois Lerner was actively involved in a lengthy cover-up of improper IRS activities, targeting, & abuses. JW further revealed that the IRS scandal included the involvement of both Obama's DOJ & FBI too.
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