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“FBI texts have revealed anti-Trump Bias.” @FoxNews Big News, but the Fake News doesn’t want to cover. Total corruption - the Witch Hunt has turned out to be a scam! At some point soon the Mainstream Media will have to cover correctly, too big a story!
BTS Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And Revealed Who's Going To Drop The Next Mixtape
.@weareoneexo #Baekhyun just revealed a new unisex streetwear brand—and everything is under $100.
#TheLastJedi poster has been revealed. #SWCO
The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay revealed! #PlayStationE3 #SonyE3 #GameSpotE3
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NEW: Sean Hannity revealed as secret owner behind shell companies that have spent $90m buying 870+ homes across the US – with help from HUD and foreclosures
Korean pop sensations @BTS_twt has revealed some big news, mark your calendars!

Their new album 'Love Yourself: Tear' will drop on May 18. The full-length album will be their third and will serve as the sequel to last year's 'Love Yourself: Her EP'
The wait is over: @anasglobal's two-year long undercover investigation into football in Africa has revealed shocking footage of over 100 referees and officials taking cash before matches. #BBCAfricaEye brings you this exclusive story about his highly controversial investigation.
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A rescue team tried to save the life of a pilot whale that washed ashore in southern Thailand last week.

The whale died.

An autopsy revealed it had swallowed more than 80 plastic bags. (Credit: AFP/THAIWHALES)
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