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Trust your gut when it comes to making a cancer diagnosis, @rcgp  advises. #RCGPAC 

Creating a GP 'consultant' role could reinvigorate general practice #GPnews  #RCGPAC 

If our profession is to remain what it is, please don’t lose the habit of kindness - Dr Roger Neighbour#RCGPAC 

How GPs can become more involved in tackling climate change #GPnews  #RCGPAC 

Current contract 'harming GPs', warns former @rcgp  chair #GPnews  #RCGPAC 

Trust your gut when it comes to making a cancer diagnosis, @rcgp  advises. #RCGPAC 

The days of GPs and specialists being registered separately by the General Medical Council may be over. #RCGPAC 

GPs are GPs, whether they are salaried or partners. #RCGPAC 

We all know that a skilful consultation is a miracle, that for a patient can be potentially life-changing says Roger Neighbour#RCGPAC 

Final speaker at #RCGPAC  - College President@DoctorMayur  who will close the conference...

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We have written to Julia Hartley-Brewer withdrawing her invite to speak at RCGPAC. It has become clear that some of the views she has expressed are too much at odds w the core values of RCGP & our members, and our work to promote inclusivity w/in the profession & among patients

Studies shown loneliness, social isolation & living alone all risk factors for early mortality - comparable to obesity #RCGPAC  @HelenRCGP 

26% GP appointments are potentially avoidable says @Jeremy_Hunt  - need to improve active signposting/more use of pharmacists #RCGPAC 

@HelenRCGP : historically we haven't valued the professional development of our nurses enough in GP -we do need to think differently #RCGPAC 

@HelenRCGP : let's be clear, GPs are consultants - we are consultants in general practice, don't let anyone tell you different #RCGPAC 

Samuel Shem: the NHS is moving to the American system. You do NOT want to go there. Don't go there. #RCGPAC 

I would rather know the person who has the disease than know the disease the person has : Hippocrates#rcgpac 

Fatigue is a factor in safety incidents across industries, but excessive workload in GP considered normal, says @Maureenrcgp  #RCGPAC