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Good luck to Jamie ward , you've been great for the Rams over the last few years! Terrible club to go to though !
Patriots are trading WR Brandin Cooks and a fourth-round pick to LA Rams for the 23rd overall pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft and a sixth-round pick, league sources told ESPN.
Eagles traded N. Foles to Rams for S. Bradford. Foles lost his job in St. Louis, C. Keenum takes over. Eagles draft C. Wentz and trade Bradford to Minn. Vikings sign Keenum, who replaces injured Bradford. Foles returns to Philly, replaces injured Wentz. Now, Foles vs. Keenum.
The Rams aren't playing around 😮
Derby v Chelsea quarter finals of the cup! Cmon you Rams !
What a season that was ! Congrats to the @dcfcofficial players and stuff ! next stop Brighton in the play offs! C'mon you rams
Top of the league ! Cmon you Rams @dcfcofficial
The NFL owners of the following teams gave ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Trump: Redskins, Jaguars, Texans, Patriots, Jets and Rams. #ImWithKap
C'mon derby ! Sheep sheep! C'mon u rams! 3-1
Just Not at the races today the poor rams! not to worry! Couple more players now in jan will do us nicely!
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