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Up early this morning to watch the mighty rams . Great to get the 3 points . Cmon @dcfcofficial 🐏
Good luck to Jamie ward , you've been great for the Rams over the last few years! Terrible club to go to though !
The NFL owners of the following teams gave ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Trump: Redskins, Jaguars, Texans, Patriots, Jets and Rams. #ImWithKap
Big day today. @dcfcofficial v Forest . Cmon you rams
Derby v Chelsea quarter finals of the cup! Cmon you Rams !
The attendance for the USC game was more than the Chargers and Rams' attendances combined.
Top of the league ! Cmon you Rams @dcfcofficial
What a season that was ! Congrats to the @dcfcofficial players and stuff ! next stop Brighton in the play offs! C'mon you rams
C'mon derby ! Sheep sheep! C'mon u rams! 3-1
Just Not at the races today the poor rams! not to worry! Couple more players now in jan will do us nicely!
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