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Remarkable image of "quantum droplets" that bounce perpetually wins science photography competition

News & Views: A Nature paper provides experimental evidence that phonons can travel across a vacuum gap and therefore induce heat transfer between vacuum-separated objects because of the effect of quantum fluctuations.

Einstein dubbed the idea of quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance," and scientists have taken a picture of it 😱

Nobel-winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli died on this day in 1958, having pioneered quantum mechanics and co-invented the notion of synchronicity with Carl Jung

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With quantum computers expected in the next decade, “organizations need to recognize that they are already being hacked by the future” — Video interview with @1QB_IT ’s Andrew Fursman

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Physicist Wolfgang Pauli died on this day in 1958, leaving us the foundation of quantum mechanics and his fascinating correspondence with Carl Jung about the human search for truth

Here’s the story of Quantum' alt='BullshitQuantum' /'>@BullshitQuantum  and the scientists who say “bullshit” to the great majority of stories touting the progress towards — and inevitable invaluable-ness of — quantum computing: (by in ) @sophurky  @WIRED 


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Games only render what you look at when you look at it, as the compute load would otherwise be impossibly high. Until observed, objects are a probability function, aka quantum mechanics.

Scientists think they've reversed time using IBM's quantum computer, possibly breaking a law of physics.

X1 surpasses 250,000 sales for 'Emergency: Quantum Leap' on the first day + sets a new record for highest group debut sales

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Historic day for Delhi! CM @ArvindKejriwal  declares Free Lifeline Electricity of 200 units to all Every family deserves a life of dignity. Just like good education & healthcare, a basic quantum of electricity to run lights/fans at home is essential for that. #PehleHalfAbMaaf 

Angela Merkel has a doctorate in quantum chemistry. She was a research scientist who entered politics in 1989, was elected to the Bundestag in 1990 and became the first female chancellor in 2005. She has served 4 terms. Leave EU, on the other hand, are knuckle scraping racists.

@Calum5SOS @Calum5SOS  can you believe Stephen hawking invented the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics

Just spent 3 minutes reading about quantum physics on Wikipedia and I still don't get it.

Relativity. Gravity. Quantum. Electrodynamics. Evolution. Each of these theories is true, whether or not you believe in them.

Its Tuesday! But feels like Monday! But then Friday will feel like Thursday but it'll really be Friday. Thats what they call quantum physics

@scooterbraun I'm all about quantum physics