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Tonight, Canadians grieve for those killed in a cowardly attack on a mosque in Quebec City. My thoughts are with victims & their families.
Evidence presented at Alexandre Bissonnette's sentencing hearing this morning includes a list of some of the Twitter accounts he was checking in the month before he killed six men at a Quebec City mosque.
Doctors in Quebec say they're making too much money.

Over 700 of them signed a petition demanding their pay raises go to nurses and staff instead.
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After a false early report that the Quebec City mosque massacre was co-perpetrated by a man with a Muslim name, Ben Shapiro mockingly tweeted, “It’s the damn Mormons again.” In fact, prosecutors allege, the killer was a white Ben Shapiro fan.
The extraordinary and humane words of Imam Hassan Guillet, at the funeral for the victims of the Quebec massacre.
Did I miss the White House's statement on the Quebec attack? Has POTUS offered condolences? He's had lots to say about other terror attacks
The Quebec shooter, who killed 6 in a mosque, is a white male student who made right wing & anti-woman remarks on FB
Perpetrator of Quebec City mosque massacre was a Trump devotee, took a selfie wearing a MAGA hat, closely followed personalities from Breitbart and Fox News, court is told.
The shoes of the men who were killed in the Quebec City mosque attack, Jan 29, 2017, are still in the same place.

No one has touched them.
Trump hasn't *yet* commented on London attack. Follows a pattern of early silence on violence v muslims.
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