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The exclnt @iainjwatson  asked whether the PM had approved the trip + got no answer. My point is a diff one. If BJ had approved/condoned it, why not share the exemption for others? After all, the PM had himself had to self isolate at this time, so all these Qs v live in his mind

Hi there @BorisJohnson ⁩ - few tips on how to answer Qs here from your pal @grantshapps ⁩ - let’s hope you know the things he didn’t eh?

No point all the journalists all asking Qs that allow @BorisJohnson  to keep saying the same thing. Aside from Cummings, the Sunday Times Insight report is packed full of utter damnation for the Charlatan-in-Chief

PM trying to move the story on. Announces schools will re-open on June 1. June 15 secondary schools to provide some content for Yr 10 and Yr 12. Big Q is will the public, MPs and the media be happy to move on. Still many Qs to ask about Cummings’ conduct

Some remarks from the Premier today that I haven't heard before. - you can get a COVID-19 test at an assessment centre even if you don't have symptoms - you don't need an appointment - bring your family with you... This is not what we've previously heard. No Qs today to clarify.

the line about 'medical reasons' for not actually getting help with childcare once in Durham will obviously lead to further qs.

Seeing snippets of Downing St briefing again Hadn't quite heard that Johnson said Cummings travelled because "they were about to be incapacitated". How did they know that? How could know that? @dansabbagh  Add those to list of Qs. (don't stats show most get it in mild form?)

If PM position on Cummings has not changed, could No 10 try to take heat out of it by announcing an independent investigation into Cummings instead. Then the default defence on Qs about DC is there’s an investigation underway

PM saying he has had extensive face to face conversations with Cummings will be a test of just what he asked him. Let's see just how many media Qs he can answer today.

Should you be wearing a mask if you leave your home? And what if you can't buy one? We answer all your qs — plus, give you the lowdown on how to DIY your own:


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Troubling: Dem Senate Candidate Mark Kelly received major funding from Chinese Tencent—which is thinly veiled espionage operation for Chinese Communist Party. Raises many Qs: why take $$ from China? How much? Did his company participate in CCP censorship?

MK EXCLUSIVE: Former Biden staffer #TaraReade , who accuses FMR VP #JoeBiden  of sexually assaulting her in 1993, sits down w/me in her first on-camera interview since Mr. Biden denied her accusations. Her story & some tough Q’s in a riveting exchange. A ton of news coming ...

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Just watched @KlayThompson  drop 60 in 3 Q’s. I legit was watching it like it was live. For 48 min my soul smiled! That boy good.

This raises obvious & serious Qs, which much of the media have ZERO interest in answering. Did the virus escape accidentally from a Chinese lab (that we know was studying bat coronaviruses near Wuhan animal market)? Why did the CCP cover up the outbreak?

WATCH: @TuckerCarlson  raises serious Qs. Why are NYT, WaPo, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN not reporting on this? Are their corporate bosses more worried about big $$ & access to Chinese markets? A global pandemic originates just miles from TWO labs actively researching bat coronaviruses?!?

@pledis_17  stopped by Tumblr HQ to answer fan Qs! Spoiler alert: we're all Carats now. ? Check out their full #AnswerTime  on ➡️

There was a time when MSM would have gone into a feeding frenzy against a Congressman who stopped the other party from asking Qs. Not to mention MSM would have raised a storm about secret hearings w secret transcripts. Not any more. MSM now takes sides.

The Qs the press asked Schiff at his post-hearing news conference were friendly. The Qs the press asked to the Republicans have all been challenging. The media never changes.

In our meeting today, Judge Kavanaugh refused to answer even the most basic Qs ab his jurisprudence & judicial philosophy, especially re: women’s reproductive freedom, health care protections for ppl w/ pre-ex conditions, voting rights & presidential powers. Let me explain:

Most Muslims born and brought up in the west - including, erm, me - have been waiting our whole lives for a politician who is Muslim to get elected and deliver an answer like this to the ‘usual’ Qs. I felt like cheering as I listened to @IlhanMN  deliver this powerful riposte.