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During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar - look!
...extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!
Saudi Arabia is accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism and sectarianism.

In other news, the pot has called the kettle black.
Hillary Clinton email reveals she knew of Saudi & Qatar government funding for ISIL (ISIS) by August 2014
Qatar gifts Bill Clinton $1,000,000 for his birthday. Arms flow increases 1,482%: and
ISIS and the Clintons have the same bankers: Saudi Arabia & Qatar
State Dept says Clinton hid US$1m 'gift' from Qatar (at the time Qatar was funding ISIS)
Best Podesta leak pair: 1) HRC stating in 2014 that the Saud+Qatar govts fund ISIL and 2) Qatar giving Bill Clinton $1m for 5 minute meeting
.@realDonaldTrump just dragged us into Gulf dispute & trashed Qatar, which hosts 11,000 U.S. troops. He better have a plan for their safety.
This is bananas. At presser Trump reaffirms U.S. support for Qatar blockade - despite Tillerson's statement of opposition 90 MINUTES AGO.
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