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What are we gonna do about political talking points on the all new @QandA  ? Coming to @ABCTV  Monday 3rd February

VIDEO: Watch my Q-and-A with @SecPompeo , where he acknowledges -- and warns #Iran  -- that targeted killings, like the one that took out #Suleimani , are a feature of the administration's "maximum pressure campaign" and will continue if the Iranians "make another bad choice."

The movie was hilarious and moving enough, but when @BillyCrystal  and @rejectedjokes  got going during the post-film Q-and-A, the laughs kept coming.

At the end of 2019, @YanaKakar’s second term as Dalberg’s Global Managing Partner will come to a close. In a Q-and-A with the firm’s newest partner @ASarkodieKupka , Yana reflects on her role and her hopes for Dalberg’s road ahead.

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“I still have a lot of juice left. I just want to redirect it somewhere else.” A Q-and-A with Chris Petersen as he prepares for his final game as Washington’s coach.

Farewell #QandA : A thread from @PeterMcEvoy , the program's creator.

I started #QandA  because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to encourage people to get involved.

#QandA and the ABC are both based on the idea that democracy works better when people are better informed and more involved.

It's live, it's a Q-and-A, and there's two of us. Come talk Las Vegas Bowl and whatever else with @IDS_Southorn  and myself:

As @AlboMP ⁩ said on @QandA ⁩ Monday, but nonetheless interesting in @australian ⁩

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The cheapest form of new generation is renewables plus storage. Cheaper than new coal and far cheaper than nuclear. #qanda 

Can the ‘politically woke’ be successful in effecting real change through the use of social media? #QandA 

Is it possible that Australia could have a Muslim majority? @mehdirhasan  responds #QandA 

#QChoose #Spin  - I think Joe Hockey was unconvincing on #Budget2015  on #QandA  tonight - Just more #HockeySpin 

A sample of the Q-and-A from #Eagles  coach Chip Kelly's presser. It gets real in Philly

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As you can imagine, I'm pretty disappointed about the inadvertent misspelling of the #AbbottLovesAnnabel  hashtag on @QandA