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Different vets have different approaches to mentoring other QBs

Eagles Fans Remind Tom Brady Of Super Bowl Drop In Response To QB’s Tweet (via @NESN )

With these high draft pick QBs, literally the clock is ticking on their rookie contracts. Why is John Mara so loyal now when he gave the go-ahead to bench him for Geno

Caleb Williams is one of the elite high school QBs. His dad has a plan to make him the No. 1 pick in the draft down the road. Why his patient recruiting approach is an anomaly.

QBs. QBs. And more QBs. On the eve of college football season, who better to talk all things QBs than our CFB insider @JwPalms .

Josh Rosen came to Miami with good pocket presence, and a knack for attacking the middle of the field with TEs. But, he can’t read the field well and can be easily deceived. And worst, he throws LATE, which defensive backs LOVE because they feast on QBs like that.....

Me getting ready for my fantasy draft, promising I won't grab a QB before the 8th round knowing full well I'll panic and grab one when everyone else starts drafting QBs


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Cops claimed that field tests showed the white powder on the hood of the Georgia State QB’s car was cocaine. He said it was bird poop. He was suspended, and widely ridiculed by national media outlets. Guess what? It was bird poop. (HT: @GREENLAWOFFICE )

Lamar Jackson's rookie season: •4 QBs drafted ahead of him •Gets starting job in Week 11, with Ravens 4-5 •Goes 6-1 to finish the season •Only first-round QB to make the playoffs •Youngest QB ever to start a playoff game His future is bright 🙌

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Joe Flacco? “He sucks.” Jalen Ramsey has thoughts on NFL QBs ... and they're rarely positive.

891 yards. 10 TDs. 2 star QBs. 1 Monday Night Football to remember.

Lamar Jackson is being held to different standards than other QBs in the draft

Final Four QBs: Case Keenum, Nick Foles, Blake Bortles and Tom Brady.

This will be the 1st Super Bowl in which both starting QBs were drafted No. 1 overall.

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DeMar DeRozan, Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond & Mike Conley's guaranteed $ = 11 starting NFL QBs' total guaranteed $

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